Sweet Fruit Of Mancini Friendship – Vialli?

The one-time striker of Sampdoria Roberto Mancini and Gianluca Viallli made things like he could not be in Serie A. If Italy won the Euro 2020 championship, it would be a story that couldn't be better for friendship Two people 9: 00/4: 41 South Vietnamese people starting from the time of the player and Vialli to know nearly four decades ago in the U21 Italian team. In Sampdoria, they formed the best striker in the club history. In 1991, Mancini and Viallli helped the Genoa team to win the only Scudetto in history, the Vialli season received the title of King Serie A. In addition, they also won the Coppa Italian championship together

. Vialli scored three goals in those finals and Mancini contributed two goals. In the European arena, the C2 Cup (the tournament for the national cup team) in 1990 with Viallli's double goal in Mancini's finals.Italia has experienced a chain of 33 unbeaten matches
Photo: Getty. These achievements have a historical and very proud meaning, especially when Sampdoria has never won when there is no Mancini in the squad. The collection of their trophies also had a C1 trophy if Ronald Koeman was not excellent with a free kick to the only goal in the final tournament between Barcelona and Sampdoria in 1992. It may be forever a single C1 Cup final in history, the Mancini season wears a team leader. Wembley in 1992 witnessed the huge disappointment of Mancini and Vialli. Returning the Wembley29 yard next year, they returned to Wembley to attend a much more priced finals - Euro 2020 finals. Nha has just taken place in Wembley and the score opening the score for "Thien Thanh" is Federico Chiesa, the son of one of the strikers who are paired with Mancini in Sampdoria, Enrico Chiesa. Italia is still famous With two elements blend: romantic and pragmatic. Many people said that he was intended when Mancini and Viallli reunited on the bench steering to help Azzurri revived after unprecedented low notes because they were unable to win the 2018 World Cup ticket under Time Piero Ventura. The match against Wales in the EURO 2020 round, supporting Mancini's improvised heels outside the Pitch Road took place like his most memorable goal when he was wearing Lazio, but it still shows talent a talent of this strategist
Italy coaching includes the former Italian players: Vialli, Evani, Oriali, Mancini. Photo: Getty. It must be acknowledged, the role of Vialli in the "Thien Thanh" shirt is more diplomatic, because the former striker is assigned the leadership of the delegation. Of course, Viallli's mission is also non-professional such as Attilio Lombardo, coach assistant for Mancini and also wearing Sampdoria shirt when he is a player. But so long is that friendship between Mancini and Vialli still caused much He must be jealous. Familiar celebrations between the two bombers after each match really inspires, and evokes emotions for those who love Italian football since the heyday. Vialli twice once gathered with cancer, surely being approached with his old friend who brought formidable strength to help him overcome adversity. So many people think that Viallli returns to the coaching board, especially to help Mancini, not only means merely about work. The story of Vialli can help people visualize a larger picture of the soccer world. In the explosion era of coaches, when developing tactics they can lead some top teams, Euro 2020 is still the convergence of many familiar faces on the steering wheel. Those are those who have shine and are loved in their country's team with a player, like Didier Deschamps, Luis Enrique, Frank De Boer, Andriy Shevchenko, Gareth Southgate, and Roberto Mancini.Lieu will be a link Both the fruits? Both Mancini and Vialli still have many unfinished things with Thien Thanh's shirt. Both have no goals at the 1990 World Cup on their hometown, the Mancini tournament must not go to the match. They all retired from the national team before the 1994 World Cup period in the United States, where Italy reached the final. Their Italia did not win the euro 92 ticket in the right year Sampdoria reached the C1 and Viallli Cup finals into the world's most expensive players. Does Mancini and Viallli continue to celebrate after the finals? Photo: Getty. Maybe they find themselves need to do something for the full "Thien Thanh", especially when Italy has experienced a chain of 33 unbeaten matches after surpassing Spain at the Euro 2020 semifinals. At Hey, Mancini's army is airy. In front of them is a great hope: four decades since he and Viallli put Sampdoria from an anonymous team became famous, three decades since they passed AC Milan of the legendary ruu trio

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