Sweet In Her

She was wearing a meal, the phone ringing, she wiped into a cleaning towel on the kitchen wall. With the phone to on the bowl rack. He called her. I know this hour is the time when you call.02 / 3: 40 namespower by the selected author

.- I'm here! - Mom is making a meal? Do you eat alone today? What kind of food do you have? I look at you, my eyes are like I want to ride. - It's still three! Used to it! Price as there are three, I will cook for three items that you like, I will have people eat together, I won't have to crush like this too., See the tears rolling down on the cheeks I feel there errors again
The error is so I love you so much, the error is impossible to be with her to share with her funny sads, the error is impossible for you to lean your shoulders to be tired, the error is you can't Hugging her in my heart to cry loudly, so comfortable when she was heartbroken ... - this mother, today three drinks with ranked, so later late to the mother. Mom finds something that does, or reads, watching movies. When you're done, you go home, I will call my mother. Nodded slightly, my mouth smiled, although tears still rolled long on my cheeks! Three fun goes. I will wait for three and then go to sleep. I call each other like that. One way to confess it is very cold
And they also loved each other to be earnest, intense and sincere. Any time there was a free time that they talked to each other but as a programmer, noon and darkness they definitely called each other. After lunch, you call, ask how you eat, what's strange, isn't it tired, why now grows the other acne, I have to earn a fish leaf, cook black and drink ... In the night, he will tell everything that happened during the day, the agency, family story, he read it to me to listen to hot news, he sent her sisters, he observed little one on the mirror Her face ... I remember once, she went to ask a sick friend, talking to everyone so she was late. Just coming home, opening the device, I saw a series of Mother's messages - where's my mother? Have it been about? What is it late? Or do you have anything? Late too late, three sleepy without dare to sleep. Three waiting for her mother, waiting for my mother and then slept ... So I hurriedly electricity for him. Seeing each other is that both of them feel warm, happy and they can sleep well. I'm not a spouse, not a spouse but it is like a husband and wife, because of the year They are always like that, the love they give each other, both he and she understands very well. When she thought, why did I love you so much, why I always have him. It was never sad when he was sad, but he didn't hurt her but sometimes she saw her heart hurt. I can't understand why I hurt. She asked him, he explained and she found perhaps he was right. Because I love you so I miss you so much, too loving you so I'm always afraid to leave you. With you, I'm so happy. But the more happy she cried again. Both the two people are talking, her tears also peaked. It is a blend of happiness and worries. Seeing you cry, I don't know how to comfort you. - Don't you cry again? Mom cried like this three found himself with an error. Even though the space is a way, I don't always with my mother, but I promise now and forever after this will only love my mother, only my mother. And no longer far away, we will go together, three will love, take care of their mother, compensate for their moms that they have had to carry themselves. Please believe three! Mom will be eternal love in three! The truthfulness but also the sweetness of the man she loves is like a cool wind blowing into the old soul and her misfortune making her love life More, feel more lived. I'm so happy to think that I have to hold my hands and say "Go to three moms!" - Dream lunch. According to the village of the green river

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