Syria Was Not Satisfied With Russia, Silently Sent The Delegation To The Us?

The presence of Russia in Syria is currently posed by Russia in the context of a remarkable information of the information 9: 00/2: 23 south day on August 20, the professional newspaper has published an information Notably, an overseas media posted. According to Middle East Monitor, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad sent a Syrian delegation to Washington to negotiate with the United States that the United States continues to be present Syria. News of the Middle East Monitor, said the Syrian government was unhappy with Russia reluctantly changing the situation in Syria and continuing against illegal warriors and groups. Syrian President. Assad and the Russian President Putin - Picture of the documentation

. At the same time, Damascus can give to the United States a quite fat offer related to the deployment of American forces in some areas of the country, and not Only in the eastern part of the Arab Republic. In addition to other things, there is information that Washington can recognize the legitimacy of the main Assad right to eliminate the Russian army out of the area. "Syrian regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad sent an envoy to the United States to discuss resuming relations between the two countries due to cracks For their long-standing mode and allies - Russia
Al-Assad calls for the United States with a proposal to coordinate "all issues related to the Middle East," with Washington conditions to accept and recognize Legality of the Syrian government. Russian team in Syria. Propelling relationships is a consequence of recent disagreements between Damascus and Moscow, mainly about the difference between the two allies about how to deal with The new uprising in the province of Daraa, southern Syria.If the message of the Syrian envoy in the US is true and Washington agrees to restore relations and accept his ruling assad, which will reduce the role of Russia in Syria and Christmas a strong blow into Moscow's relationship with Mr. Assad, "said Middle East Monitor. Currently, according to the Russian newspaper, Moscow hasn't made any comment on This news is noted that even against the transfer of military facilities in Syria to Russia, Damascus can break its agreements if the agreement has announced to the US really took place . President Assad's team. "Washington was extremely interested in squeezing Russia from Syria. In fact, the infrastructure developed by the Russian military facilities now will no longer threaten NATO and the United States in any way. In addition, the US Air Force and Navy will be able to access the This facility, especially after the US loses the influence in Iraq and Afghanistan ", a Russian expert notes with a professional newspaper
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