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Chairman of the Judicial Committee of the National Assembly Le Thi Nga stressed, the rate of implementation of the State Audit 3 years is low, especially this year. This is the problem that has existed for many years, requires effective overcoming solutions. The session of the survey agency is very few September 14, commenting on the report in 2021 and the year plan 2022 of the State Audit (SAV), Members of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly (UBTVQH) fundamentally agreed with the contents reported. President of the Economic Committee Vu Hong Thanh appreciated the Linh SAV Activated plans and activities in accordance with the context of epidemic of 2021. Audit results achieved positively, have proposed financial handling more than VND 52,000 billion

. This petition number, if implemented will be a significant resource to supplement development investment activities. In addition, the SAV also offers many recommendations to increase revenue, save money, correct and overcome existences in public asset management and public finance. At the same time, audits have been well served for national monitoring activities, contributing to monitoring activities to achieve positive efficiency
Besides, some ideas also note to clarify The exist is stated in the report. Chairman of the Judicial Committee Le Thi Nga stressed that the proposal of the recent 3-year SAV's petition was low, especially this year. This is a problem that has existed for many years, requires effective overcome solutions. Need to public units that do not propose audit proposals to report to the National Assembly, because the implementation of the audit proposal is the result of the audit work, Ms. Le Thi Nga recommends.Note, Chairman of the Committee Justice also wondered about the number of cases of violations, but also in administrative handling, the number of cases moved to the investigating agency was very small (5 cases). Ms. Le Thi Nga has set a problem, why is it a lot of mistakes, but also a little surrounding survey or not? For the plan of 2022, Mr. Le Thi Nga said it must ensure feasibility and weight For examinations, auditors, with units that are having to prevent epidemics, do not perform audit, avoid overlapping in inspection, inspection and strengthening the prevention of negative corruption in the main audit activities .
. There are units with 4 agencies to work on inspection, examination, auditing, chairman Le Thi Nga, for example. Indeed at the meeting, Chairman of the National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue appreciated the cabinet The content is reported, but also specifies more comprehensive, with key focus, responsibility and more fiercely. According to the National Assembly Chairman, publicly a critical weapon of auditing. On the one hand is to create a large strength of the financial discipline, improve the effectiveness of the petition, on the other hand, for people and society to monitor economic activities. VND 80,000 billion The construction has not been allocated with the auditing objectives of 2022, the National Assembly Chairman states that it still has to take strengthening the macroeconomic foundation on top, ensuring discipline of budget financial discipline, implementation Fiscal, currency, public safety policies, restructuring credit institutions, handling bad debts in the banking system. Code, focusing on clarifying the total structure and quality of the credit, Risk control to avoid breaking occurs, causing an impact of the line, causing an impact on the economy. In particular, the issues to be noted such as securities loan balances, real estate, consumption, bad debts due to difficult by Covid, bad debt, clarifying the number of debts that have not been transferred ... in the financial sector, The National Assembly said that it is necessary to clarify the issuance of Government bonds for basic construction investment, while disbursing a very low public investment; Relations between fiscal policy and monetary policy; Existing issues in State Treasury; the use of sources from the fund to reform wages; The issuance of corporate bonds ... In particular, the National Assembly Chairman requires the budget auditing to focus on mobilizing, allocation and use of resources for Covid-19 prevention. Anti-epidemic efficiency, top priority for epidemic prevention but spending, use must save, right goals, including the source of state or mobilized social sources, the National Assembly Chairman stressed. With investment Cong, the National Assembly President proposed to focus on allocation and disbursement of capital construction investment in both central and localities. According to the National Assembly Chairman, the preliminary now has about VND 80,000 billion of public investment capital will not be spent because of not allocated, about 700 - 800 large projects have not prepared for investment. "This defect must focus on analysis," the National Assembly said. The National Assembly Chairman also noted that the investment can be checked, post-inspection, or auditing according to schedule, considered to consider auditing unfinished projects, especially projects with foreign elements. Out, one of the other key points of the 2022 audit is to evaluate the packages of supporting people and businesses that are reasonable, how to do the implementation, are the right purpose and object? will take measures Minimize husbands to collect comments at the meeting, General Site

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