T-shirts Print Qr Code Certified Vaccination Suddenly Causes A Stir

Business T-shaped T-shaped T-shaped T-shaped T-shaped T-shaped T-shaped T-shaped COVID-19 Vaccine is a lot of people with a lot of people. Receiving Covid-19 vaccination in the coming time makes the network community appear the idea of printing T-shaped T-shaped T-shaped Certificate. Then, for convenience, not to use smartphones, people who have injections Vaccines can print this certified T-shirt. Each person has a different QR code code, printed on Austria as required. The price of each shirt, including printing, about 100,000-150,000 VND / unit

. On the network community, there are many opinions around this business idea. Nguyen Truong Vu, a member, said: "I sell this shirt, print customized personal code by person. Austria is both beautiful and beautiful, it is convenient for scanning the code quickly without consuming the phone "
Print QR Certificate of Vaccination Business Inside Many members appreciate Tran Minh Tu , another member, suggested: "Blue shirt is always easy to recognize those with green cards injecting two Covid-19 nose, have added QR codes to check." Nguyen Hoang commented: "The opportunity to make money is here. The day of the week always ".Although approved, but many members said that the QR code printed on Austria is fashionable, but also using the real QR code of individuals at risk of revealing information, says bile, affecting the privacy. On e-commerce pages, the type of printed shirts related to the Covid-19 vaccine is also interested. For example, the shirt has the word "I have a vaccine" cost about 150,000 VND / unit. The badge has been vaccinated with a price of VND 30,000 / unit. Fashion accessories related to vaccination with printed letters with full injected translation, needs to eat a lot of shrimp noodles so the clothes are related to shrimp noodles get attention. This type of Austrian is sold for between VND 60,000-150,000 / unit, depending on the material. Shrimp noodles are noticed with the season of shrimp shoulder shells Many types of instant noodles are printed on the coat as uniforms

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