Taiwan Exported Aircraft To Block Mainland Chinese Fighters

Taiwan's aerial defense force on September 23, on fighter fighter to warn 19 mainland China aircraft penetrating the area to identify the air conditioner (ADIZ) of this island. Taiwan Defense said Mainland China's squadron includes 12 J-16 fighters and two H-6 bomber, according to Reuters. The mainland Chinese airplane moves on the area between Taiwan Island and archipelago Dong Sa controlled by Taipei in Taiwan's air defense volume sent fighter aircraft to warn, and deploy missile defense system to monitor the military force activities Mainland Korea. The Earth For Aircraft Entering the ADIZ (ADIZ) area of Taiwan from mainland China has increased stress on Taiwan Strait, which has lasted for many months. Taiwan and mainland Chinese aircraft fly closely in Taiwan airspace

. Photo: AP. Before, during the period from 9:30 to 10:00 on August 17, 11 mainland China's military aircraft flew into the banned area that Taiwan set up for real bullet shooting exercises, Just a few minutes before this activity starts, 6 fighters, two bombers and three mainland Chinese reconnaissance aircraft flying into the aircraft identity area (Adiz) southwest Taiwan Island, according to South China Morning Post. The Taiwan Island defense volume said that responded with a warning through radio and deploying air defense systems to monitor the operation of mainland Chinese aircraft

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