Take A Break For Breaking, Fasting Skin, Clean Acne From Coffee At Home

Here are 5 ways to support extremely simple skin savings that are useful for coffee.0: 00/3: 19 Southeastants with alkaline compounds are caffeine. If reading the list of components of cosmetics, skin care products, you will see caffeine appear in many formulas.00: 00/02: 49 There are 49 years, depending on the type of skin and the area to be treated, Caffeine will operate in different ways. In the natural state, you can use this substance to make masks, shampoo and exfoliating cream

. Here are 5 simple home formulations for you to add daily skincare habits.1. The exfoliating mask is a natural dead skin removal, supports collagen production and acts as an anti-inflammatory substance
Material: 1 cup of grinded coffee (150 g) 1 cup of brown sugar (200 g) 3 Spoon olive oil (48 g) 2 tablespoons honey (50 g) How to make: Mix all ingredients in a cup. Stir until the mixture has a slight thin texture, easy to canopy on the face. Use: Apply a thin layer of masks to face and neck, gentle massage. When the dry mask is washed with warm water. Preserving a mixture in the refrigerator (closed lid). Use once a week. Exfoliating in your lips should drink plenty of water every day to keep the lips stressed. About external care, lip balm is an indispensable step. Also you should add this formula to exfoliate on the lips. Data: 1 teaspoon of granium2 tablespoon olive oil (or any kind of oil you like) How to do: Mix both ingredients in a cup Or bowl until the pure is on
Use: Apply a thick layer to the lips, use your fingers to gently massage the circle. Use at least 3 times a week. Wash with water and then apply moisture lipstick.3. Shampoo helps support blood circulation, removing dead skin cells, preventing hair loss. It also helps strong hair, darkening natural hair and brings a pleasant fragrance. Data: Neutral shampoo5 teaspoons1 Granium cups: Using shampoo does not contain many components, the most neutral type Which you have in the bathroom. Water heating (do not boil). Allow to cool and mix water with coffee in the cup. Stir until the mixture got together, pour into the shampoo bottle. Leave shampoo in 2 hours before using. Use: Use as a normal shampoo, the scalp massage according to circular motion. Leave the mixture on your hair 5 minutes and wash it clean. Use 2 or 3 times a week4. Dark circles with black coffee helps skin enhance collagen production and potatoes containing vitamin B6, vitamin D are very good for skin. West in cup of cold black coffee. Wait for 2 minutes and then remove the potatoes, drain. Use: Put 2 slices of potatoes on your eyes for 20 minutes. You can use this way regularly if necessary.5. Body exfoliating is very good to fight cellulite because it helps blood circulation. Exfoliating cream made from coffee will help you eliminate excess fluid accumulation in connective tissues. Data: 5 teaspoons Granium3 Teaspoons Wheat germs are made: Mix both components in A bowl until it forms a mixture. Uses: Apply the mixture to the areas where you think there is a problem (thighs, arms, buttocks and abdomen). Wrap with plastic wrap for 30 minutes. Remove the plastic cover, massage the body in a circular motion for 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Apply twice a week.

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