Take A New Photo Set, The Runner-up Runner Makes The Audience ‘silly’

Dak Nia 'Fairy Fairy Dak Nia' in the 7-year-old Fairy Fisherie 'in the 7-year-old picture of the Northern region is the micro-western micro-transgender beauty - Miss International Queen Vietnam 2020. She created the impress because of the charming appearance and bright white skin. HERE, MINI MINISTRY MEDING THE HOMEART HOME, Belonging to Dak Tan - Dak Nia Commune - Dak Nong Province. No need to wear a sophisticated costume, the micro wall still scored points by miraculous moments, beautiful poetry in the poetic scenery. The violent view received a lot of compliments about natural, feminine / https: // Dulich

.petrotimes.vn/ Tuong Vi makes people riming before the clear beauty / https: //dulich.petrotimes
vn/The slender but still sexy of the wall micro draws the eyes. It is known that the 1.68m high micro wall and 3 round measurements: 83 - 60 - 93cm. Microcardiography is only a white dress, showing off a slim waist, a white back like the first Christmas bare / https: // dulich .petrotimes.vn / Set of photos Also quickly received the rain of compliments from the audience / https: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/ Tuong Vi said that after the competition she also received enough contract contracts to yourself Take care of yourself and help your family. Although she was busy, she always spent time visiting her family in her country and was ready to do the tasks of a rural girl. Because of this, the wall micro always receives the love of the audience by his casual, rustic
Paying for future plans, Tuong VI said in addition to online business, she and Ekip are Plan art for next time. US transgender people expect to always get the support of all nguoi.Pham Spirit (t / h) https://dulich.petrotimes.vn

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