Take The Bag Of 11 Types Of Exercise To Burn Excess Fat With Kettlebell

Take the bag of 11 types of exercise to burn the excess fat with Kettlebell other than the traditional handcar (dumbbell) where it can hold comfortably without fear of slipping. Exercises with high functional bell skills and simulate more daily motion. Skilling bells will make all your effects if you buy a couple. Furthermore, exercises with very good bell skilling to develop front hand and grip strength. These are the types of episodes that you can try with the bell dumbbell in the Work From Home series

. The real time is about 6-12 times / 1 half and performs from 3-5 Half.1. Kettlebell Deadlift (Deadlift with dumbbells) Deadlift is one of the best full body strength construction exercises
It can be interpreted as a form of synthetic exercises, consolidating muscle groups across the entire body. Deadlift actions are simply when you pull a certain weight of weight from the ground on the ground. The two-sided movements, including two hands, challenge you to lift weight weighing heavier and practice multiple muscle groups at the same time. In this case, you are activating your buttocks, back and core. It is performed: standing with two legs separated by hips and holding weight between legs. Holding dumbbells with both hands, ensuring the shoulders on the hips and hips on their knees. Humanly and keep the back flat with your feet down the floor, lift dumbbells to stand, and tighten the buttocks. Put the weightlifting back to the ground with a straight spine and don't let the chest too hip. You can enhance the exercise by each hand will hold a quintal. Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlift (lifting dumbbells and balancing with one leg) Deadlift action a legs requires the ability to hold the excellent balance of practitioners
This exercise acts at the same time a lot of different muscles on the body like legs, thighs, calves, abdomen, hands, backs and buttocks. If a weaker party is important that you have to strengthen that party, by doing more repeated times. Better yet, you should start every rehearsal with the weaker side and don't repeat more times on the stronger side. Performance: similar to post deadlift 1 hand with single weightlifting, post deadlift 1 Foot required you must Keep the lower back so flat while leaning forward from the hip. When you bend forward, you should only lower to the extent to allow and don't lower your shoulders. At the same time, keep the cylindrical feet bend to keep the balance.3. Kettlebell Goblet Clean (lifting dumbbells with two hands) with this special hand weightlifting exercise, Ta must move in a straight line, like a zipper. At the beginning of your exercises, your chest and backs must be raised - don't have the back - and the elbow straight down to the sides. The implementation: Clench your hand holding your hands with both hands, ensuring your shoulder On the hips and hips on the knees. Stretch muscles and keeps the back flat, pulling down the straight line in front of the chest, holding a dumbbells at its horns. Left down the start and repeat position.4. Kettlebell Goblet Squat (Squat with weightlifting) This hand weightlifting exercise will help you increase your buttocks and thigh muscles significantly instead of just squat by hand, while focusing on your hand muscles to keep dumbbells and down. This is a great movement to ensure that you are really focusing on the Squat exercise. According to the coaches, this squat exercise mainly affects the front thigh and a part to the apparent muscle groups such as back thighs, buttocks, shoulder muscles, muscular foot. Weightlifted with both hands in the horn in front of her chest. Your elbow faces the ground. Tighten buttocks and body, sit down on the heel, push your butt back and lower. Make sure your legs are in a certain position and don't lift off the ground. The knees and your ankle are not in mind. Note the eyes look straight ahead, do not move left, right or look down 5. Ketllebell Goblet Lunge (Lunge with dumbbells) Lunge is understood simply to step forward and folded the pillow - one of the basic movements suitable for everyone. Not only creates lines, adding sexyness and pushing her buttocks to high, Lunge also helps to repel the liposuction of thighs and help thighs become slender and firm. Similar to quintal lifting movements, this exercise helps to check your balance and stability capabilities. Implementation: Stand two legs separated by shoulders and hold dumbbells with two hands in front of the chest, elbow Direction to the ground. Back a long step with a right-footed foot and hit the knee right to the ground, the front legs and back legs form a 90 degree angle. Push people with front legs to stand up and balance. Rotate the legs or complete 6 times before changing the foot. The biggest mistake that many people are suffering when the file lights it is the weight distribution into the wrong position, which the most common error is pouring the weight on the back of the back of the leg, instead of in front of the heel and hip before. . Kettlebell Swing (dumbbells with two hands) The exercise works to help develop the back thigh (main mechanical) and support the associated groups including calves, buttocks, bottom, shoulders. In order to have a strong dumbbell, the hips need to stand up. Make sure to tighten your feet, buttocks and part before starting the exercise. Performance: stand with

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