Taking His 77-year-old Grandmother, Her 37-year-old Asserted Firmly: ‘only His Father’s Love’

This couple is about 40 years old and the woman insists that she took his uncle 77-year-old husband because of his father-in-law. Distance, age is not a problem, just have love, nothing can prevent couple together. " Today, the couple gaped more than a dozen-year-old is too normal, but the pairs of difference to 40 years are very rare. One when they are side by side, many people believe it is not true love, They come together forever because of certain purposes, such as the following case. In Guangxi Province, China, Ms

. Code (37 years) and Uncle Duong (77 years) have received marriage certificates On this year's feast (immediately on August 14). According to Sohu, she was originally the one who was hired to take care of Annhang, but then both married each other. Couple registered to marry on the right holidays
This year she was 37 years old , Uncle Duong 77 years old, in the age of both there are 7 numbers, so this couple wants to register marriage on the holidays (7/7 lunar calendar). Finally, they also achieved as priesthood. It was known that Ms. Ma and Le Dong met last year, when she was still family. However, until January 2021, she divorced her husband. By last August, she went to another step, married Mr. Duong even though the children oppose this marriage. "His two sons considered me like an enemy. There were times when I thought about removing but thinking about his scene was alone, no caregiver I didn't have a heart, "she shared. On the positive side, he said he felt It was very happy to marry her code
Before meeting the current wife, he had to live alone in a 2-bedroom house, a living room, every day facing 4 walls, without anyone to talk and he lived alone so Over the past 20 years. Such life made him feel very lonely. From when she knew her code, he was taken care of her with a chatting person so much better life. Therefore, he was very grateful to Ms. Ma appeared in his life. However, even though the two were married, in the name of the couple but she said that the relationship between them was simply " father and son". "I married to Mr. Duong for sympathy, the relationship between me and his uncle was his father. I still call Uncle Duong as a uncle, "Ms. Ma said. Code care for attention in the hospital. After hearing Ma Ma said, Mr. Duong also said that the two had their own purpose when they were together. However, when I heard the "husband" said that, Ms. Ma's self-esteem was poured, so she asked himself straight that he could give her what, it was the material life or spiritual life. Facials with the question of Ms. Ma, Mr. Duong said: "I don't have anything, but I don't want to be with me, but I can't. After I died, this house would be her. My two sons are rich, if the house doesn't hand over it to you? " This statement caused her to stunned. Code said that because he often had to surgery, she had just registered to marry Annhang. The code always considers this father's father because of the beginning of the past. Girl, so daughter care for Father is something to do. The registration of marriage to Annhang was a mistake, because he often had to surgery while his children were very busy while every time the doctor also asked the patient's family to sign paper. Therefore, she has just registered to marry Annhang to take care of his unconsciousness. On the house where he said, Ms. Ma said that he intended to give her or not he knew , Who knows whether that intention has changed in the future. How well does it go to this, where this relationship will go but the marriage story of the couple is about 40 years old Causing Chinese social networks. Most people believe that Ms. Ma is a refunder, willing to divorce with her husband to marry people over 40 years old.

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