Taliban Amnesty Of Kabul Officials, Calling For Women To Participate In Running The Country

The Taliban affirmed that the Afghan people work for the US and NATO countries will be safe and can stay in the country, and insist the Taliban 'appreciate the role of women'. Day 17-8, speech Taliban's tablet - Mr. Zabiullah Mujahid said the Afghanistan worked for the US and other countries of the Northern Atlantic Treaty (NATO) will be safe and can stay Afghanistan, Sputnik news agency reported . "We will ensure the safety of everyone who has worked with the US and US allies as an interpreter or in other positions. With their talents and skills, they I don't want them to leave the country, we want them to serve their homeland "- Mr

. Mujahid said.Theo Mr. Mujahid, Taliban issued a common amnesty for all Afghan government officials and calls them please Rest assured to start everyday life
He added that the Taliban committed to respect religious beliefs and the spiritual values of all Afghan people. The spokesman of Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid. Photo: Appside, the spokesman emphasized the Taliban "committed to providing women in the country all rights to which Sharia (Islamic Law) has given them", and adds more that the Taliban "appreciated The role of women "in society. According to Mr. Enamullah Samangani - Taliban Cultural Council Member, this force does not want women to become a victim, calling women to participate in working in government, ABC radio News reported. "Women should participate in the government, according to Sharia law. The current government structure is still unclear, but the experience shows that it is necessary to have a complete Muslim leader and all parties should join "- Mr. Samangani declared.

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