Taliban Announced ‘amnesty’ For Government Officials, Calling Them To Return To Work

Two days after came to power, Taliban announced the 'amnesty' for all government officials and called them back to work; At the same time, conducting principals with political worlds, towards a united government. "A common amnesty order was claimed to all ... so everyone started his normal life With complete peace of mind

. "A statement from the Taliban said. The high-level leader of Taliban Amir Khan Muttaqi is in the capital Kabul negotiating with Afghan political leadership, including former president Hamid Karzai and Heads of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council Abdullah Abdullah, AP reported. Caliban plugged in the kandahar gateway after controlling this city
Photo: EPA.Tin said, former Afghan University of Education Minister Taliban on the ruling has contacted the political leaders of this country before Afghan President Ashraf Ghani quietly left the country on weekends. This said the negotiations were being conducted in the capital of Afghanistan to bring outside Taliban leaders to join the government that Taliban Suhail Shaheen spokesman said it would be a "Unlimited Afghan government". The most of 244,000 people had to leave the house since the beginning of May when the Taliban launched a government military attack campaign. Photo: Hedayatullah Amid / EPA. The negotiations were spoken onto the late night and were carried out as soon as Mr. Ghani left away. In a related development, the international airport in Kabul was backward Day of chaos and must pause operations, due to thousands of people in panic mood want to leave the country, spilled into the runway, closed airplanes. Taliban warriors patrol on the street after checking Control Afghanistan. Photo: Reuters
The Iceway has been absent from the crowd and military flights serving the evacuation campaign begin to take off again on the morning of August 17, a Western security official at Kabul airport told the news agency Reuters. The United Nations Secretariat Antonio Guterres has given a call for countries to accept Afghan refugees, multi-generational capital in the difficulty, pain of wars of wars and conflicts of Kien.Huy Anh / Mehr

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