Taliban Announced The Largest 2000-year-old Treasure Fate Afghanistan

Officials of the Department of Information and Culture The Emirate of Afghanistan said, the Bactrian treasure is kept in Kabul and is guaranteed full safety and security installation.02: 00/2: 03 South The rare precious antiques of the Bactrian treasure are exhibited for the public to admire. The officials that denied Bactrian treasures were traded out of Afghanistan and added that this property was held under the monitoring of the Taliban in the Afghan capital .Kho treasure Bactrian is the largest and most expensive treasure in the world, also the largest asset of Afghanistan rumored to have been trafficked after the Taliban takes control of Afghanistan on 15 / 8.Taliban Darkness Revealing the exact position of the treasure, but ensuring that it is kept safe and will be kept like that

. Bactrian treasure thousands of years old and was Najibullah's Afghanistan President from the National Museum of Afghanistan Central Bank in the early 90s. It was displayed in some European and American countries and was one In the largest sources of income for Afghanistan.Theo National Geographic, Bactrian treasures include thousands of gold pieces from all over the ancient world and found inside six graves, dating back to the first century first BC to the first century after Cong Nguyen
"They contain more than 20,000 objects, including gold rings, coins, weapons, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, weapons and crowns. In addition to gold, many of which are crafted from the gems such as Ngoc Lam, Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli ", the magazine said. The scholars believe that these tombs belong to six rich Asian nomads, Five women and a man. "2,000-year-old artifacts found together with them show rare blends among aesthetic effects (from Persian to Greek classical) and a large number of precious items found It was a surprised archaeologist, especially the sophisticated gold crown found in the sixth tomb, "said National Geographic in 2016.Kho treasure Bactrian was taken to the old government of Afghanistan The presidential cover in February 2/2021 and was displayed to show public. However, after the collapse of the old government, the concerns have been put on the safety of this treasure. AN (according to Khaama Press)

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