Taliban Bumper, American Helplessness, Afghan Tasks Are Now Hunted

In contrast to the statement of eliminating hatred, amnesty for the Government soldiers, Now Taliban is greedy to the Afghan soldiers, especially the task force forces to fight against them, currently these soldiers have to Running, hiding in remote areas to avoid being arrested and executed. "We don't want to repeat any war or conflict. The hatred has ended and we want to live peacefully. We Do not want to have any enemies in and out of the country, "said spokesman Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid said in the press conference on August 17, 2021 after they occupied Kabul.Theo Mujahid, the Supreme Leader of Taliban had declared In order to general amnesty, commitment to ensuring safety for contractors, interpreters who have worked for the US and allies, as well as soldiers of the Government forces fighting against the Taliban over the years, with other years Family attempts to leave Afghanistan

. "We were pardonous for everyone, for the sake of stability and peace in Afghanistan," Mujahid declares, e At the same time calling for people to stay because they are national property.Taliban seems to be trying to create a restraint and peaceful atmosphere in Afghanistan, with a common statement for all government officials and call Call them to go back to work. "You should start everyday life with confidence", claiming on August 17 with the side of the Taliban also pledged to open a safe corridor for people who were allowed to evacuate, commit Prevent or attack people who are trying to leave the country
However, the fact that the Taliban's promise is not fully implemented. "We have the information for the Taliban blocking the Afghan people who want to go to the airport to leave the country, contrary to their public statement And their commitment to our government ", US Deputy Foreign Minister Wendy Sherman told reporters in Washington's capital on 18/8. Some sources said that Taliban soldiers set up control stations in every Reclining the way to the airport, hindering, even beating, shot warning people seeking to pass through the lock. Besides, a scale campaign to search for soldiers, especially members of Afghan Task Force, soldiers on armored vehicles and pickup trucks accelerating through the desert to Iran. The military pilots tried to fly low and as quickly as possible to arrive safely in the mountains of Uzbekistan. Some other soldiers are even walking on border areas to avoid the Taliban's quest. They are Afghanistan armed forces members who are looking for ways to run to neighboring countries, when the Taliban quickly Give control of the country. Other people surrendered and returned home. Some still hold weapons and join the victory. However, the fate of tens of thousands of specialists often carpet, due to the dangerous Taliban, they are hunted and murdered
(Picture of Afghan soldiers walking through the eastern region of Turkey to reach Iran on August 17). Afghan team with a number reported amounting to 300,000 people invested by US $ 83 billion for two decades Through to equip, train to confront the Taliban. Among the 300,000 have many "MA soldiers", a small number accepted the surrender, but there are still tens of thousands of soldiers, Afghan specialists Other, those who are determined to fight to the end, are being left behind. They have to run away, hide and hide and kill and kill the Taliban. "There was no exit", Farid, Afghan specialist, said in the message sent to a US soldier who fought with him. Farid was hiding in the eastern mountainous area of the country, stuck after the regular military units around him surrendered to Taliban. "I prayed I will be saved. "Taliban is hunting the people who think each cooperation, fighting by the US forces and NATO.Theo former anonymous Afghan officials, the Taliban often threatens to punish the city Family members if the person they seek do not submit themselves. So despite being resilient, but many Afghan soldiers have to submit themselves because they cannot stand the relatives of tortonated relatives, even losing their lives because they are reviewing their dossiers at the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Cabinet The case as well as the Afghan intelligence agency headquarters aims to look for underground agents. Afghan President quickly fled, without negotiations Transfer of power, the military crash quickly could not cancel documents, numbers Tens of thousands of Afghan soldiers are placed within danger because the Taliban broadcasts. There are many reports on the brutal revenge of government soldiers when being discovered by the Taliban. The US special task said he had witnessed a man shot dead in place for a few steps away from him, just because the Suspect Taliban this person works for foreign forces. In the south of Kandahar, a video due to Afghan's RTA TV channel posted on a social network last week shows dozens of bodies are left behind Road, a lot of them are ch

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