Taliban Closes Kabul International Airport

Taliban declared banned to store and landing any airplane in airports, and deployed some aircraft guns near the airport and deployed militant groups. After the United States refused to comply with Taliban's claim to repeat the order at Kabul International Airport, learned that the Taliban announced the closure of Kabul International Airport. No a plane is allowed to land on the runway. Eastern people are expected to leave Afghanistan at the international airport in Kabul, on August 16, when the Taliban announced the Southwest Asia National Control. Photo: AFP / TTXVN Taliban's prohibited may become a huge issue for evacuating foreign soldiers from Afghanistan, including Americans

. At the same time, previously, the Taliban gunman Newspaper that the United States is less than 48 hours to evacuate its army and diplomats. Thus, today 18/8 may be the deadline for the US evacuation campaign to be completed according to the Taliban request. Before that, dozens of people are said to have died after the citizens flee From Afghanistan trying to rushes into the runway, trying to cling to a heavy-duty aircraft to depart from Kabul
Discharge of guns at people trying to climb the slabs and landing of the aircraft are taking off. Linh (TH)

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