Taliban Controls The Bagram Air Force Base, Where 5,000 Prisoners Are Detained

Afghan forces surrendered to the Taliban at the Bagram Air Force Base, where prison detained 5,000 prisoners of Afghanistan, said the government troops had passed the Bagram Air Force Base for the Taliban. Bases are a place to hold 5,000 prisoners, including the Taliban and the Rebellion forces of Islamic State (IS). In the latest developments, an Afghan President's senior official said the Taliban still hasn't Enter Kabul. Earlier, there was a report on gunfire in the city, a scuffle involved in writing to the entrance to a bank and the nearby security and military staff exploded.Taliban walked away

. A city after control. (Photo: Reuters) Meanwhile negotiations are going on "an urgent way". "Our goal is to avoid bloodshed and installation in Kabul or harm Kabul people
The goal is to ensure no violence ", the official said. The Afghan government is negotiating with the Taliban and according to the authority of Abdul Satter Mirzakwal, Kabul will not be attacked and they will transfer peace power For a transitional government. He did not say details about the government. Near the same time, the Taliban issued a statement of talking to the "opposite side" of the capital surrender of the capital. Lom. August 15, the Ministry of the Interior said Taliban is entering Kabul from all sides. The only capital, the only major urban area is still under the control of the government, which has been fully encircled the Taliban forces in recent days. The US diplomats have been evacuated from the embassy ' Kabul's green area by helicopter on August 15, according to RT. A NATO official told Reuters that the EU staff was also moved to a non-disclosed, safer location in the city. Meanwhile, Russia said that they did not have a plan to evacuate their delegation from Kabul because the Taliban promised to ensure the operation of all foreign diplomats and foreign relief staff in this country
Taliban Has launched a large-scale attack across Afghanistan in the context of US military and NATO, expected to be withdrawn before August 31. This group only takes a few weeks to control about 20 capitals of the provinces surrounding Kabul, and completely stated the national border control.Phuong Anh (Source: CNN, The Guardian)

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