Taliban Established Afghan Islamic Emirate, Announced To Remove All Democracy Platforms

According to RT news agency, spokesman Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid on August 19 announced on Twitter on the formal Establishment of Afghan Islamic Emirate. Date after occupying the capital of Kabul, Taliban declared the elegant Nation of Afghanistan. Specifically, according to RT News, the spokesman Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid also attached to the image that is said to be a separate flag for the Afghan Muslim Emirate. Mujahid also announced, the founding of the Emirate Afghan Muslims take place 102 years after he gave up the right to rule Afghanistan. Taliban gunmen outside the Afghan interior headquarters in Kabul

. Photo: ReUTER In another related development, Reuters quoted the speech Taliban Waheedullah Hashimi said that Afghanistan can be run by a Taliban board of ruling. Taliban leadership is expected to meet this weekend Commenting and proposing institutions to run the country, however, all democratic foundations are removed. "There will be no democracy because it doesn't have any platforms in our country
We Will not discuss the type of political institutions will be applied in Afghanistan because it is clear, it is Sharia Islamic Law, "said Hashimi." On August 17, Deputy Chieftain Taliban Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar returned to Afghanistan after 20 years of staying abroad. Baradar was believed to become a new president in the government created by the Taliban even though Mr. Haibatullah Akhundzada was the supreme leader of this force.Taliban quickly gained control of the majority of Afghanistan capitals, and occupied The capital of Kabul on August 15 without any resistance. Many people who were panicked to Kabul International Airport and spilled out the runway in the hope of catching the aircraft leaving Afghanistan. The crowded concentration at Kabul airport caused the evacuation process of citizens and foreign diplomats in many difficulties. The Taliban officials today were forced to call for people to leave Kabul airport after Information 12 people were killed in this area. Linh (TH)

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