Taliban: History Of Formation And Development

The Taliban used to be supported by the US forces in 2001, but this armed group has now succeeded in re-occupying power in Afghanistan.0: 00/7: 57 Southern Taliban Taliban Trade has taken control of Afghanistan In just 3 months. (Source: AFP) On August 16, the Taliban claimed to have won and ended the war in Afghanistan. This armed forces succeeded in controlling the capital of Kabul but almost did not encounter any resistance. The total progress launched by the Taliban across Afghanistan, caused the world surprised by the lightning combination

. At the beginning of May, the Taliban concentrated on the border gate, to control the control of trade activities. After that, the Taliban had taken the capital of 34 provinces and on August 15 took up the last big city, completely isolated Kabul, paving the way for the power transfer.Taliban is? Many controversy around the true origin of the Taliban, but most of them have some common points as follows
The name Taliban derives slowly "TALIB" in Pashto, which means that students.Taliban originated from Afghan young people studying at Sunni Muslim schools (called Madrassas) in northern Pakistan, belonging to families Pashtun refugees over here in the period of the Soviet Union of military intervention in 1979-1989. In the 1990s, after the Soviet Union retreated, Afghanistan fell into a chaotic situation due to a long civil war. In 1994, Mullah Mohammed Omar, a Mujahideen (Muslim guilty) Teaching at a Madrassa in Pakistan, returned to Kandahar and established the Taliban movement to find a way to terminate lords through compliance Sharia Law is more stringent. The appointment will restore order and justice in Afghanistan, the Taliban has received great support from people and strong rise. This force also received the support of the CIA (US Central Intelligence Department) and Pakistani Intelligence Agencies. In 11/1994, the Taliban captured the entire Kandahar province that was almost unused for many violence . They rejected the Afghan Government's offer at that time on participating in a coalition government. Equipped with tanks, heavy weapons and cash to buy the support of local commanders, this force has stepped forward to hit the north. Afghan people will then praise the Taliban efforts when Helps to remove corruption, limit the lawlessness and protect peace
.. within two years, the Taliban has gained control over most countries. On September 27, 1996, with Pakistan's military support and financial support from Saudi Arabia, Taliban has occupied Kabul, overthrowing the government of President Burhanuddin Rabbani and established Afghan Muslim Emirate. Ha Khac after unification of the country, the US government hopes the Taliban will have a positive and democratic perspective. However, everything reverses.Taliban has issued the decree but the way they explained is to follow Muslim orthodoxism such as: Men forced to feed beards, women are forced to wear Burqa to cover all Face and body sets. Schools for girls are closed. Entertainment forms such as music, cinemas, football ... are banned. That time, the US and the international community have condemned many times and accused Taliban violating human rights and violations of beliefs Encountered to be more criticized, but the Taliban still tried to achieve international legitimacy in many different ways such as appointing diplomats to the United Nations General Assembly. In 11/1996, the leader Taliban Mohammad Omar was Send a letter to US representatives and declare that: "Taliban valued America, appreciates America's help in the Holy War against the Soviet Union and want to have good relations with the US". Those moves do not bring their achievements. Only four countries recognized the legitimacy of Afghan Islamic Emirate is Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and unified Arab Emirates (UAE) .thay in there, the majority of other countries along with The United Nations recognized the Afghan Islamic State, which was holding the provinces in Northern Kabul, which is the legal government of this South Asian nation. The Sharia law is the legal system of Islam. It originated from the Koran and Fatwa (the views of Muslim scholars). Sharia literally means "clear trail led to clean". This Act was created aims to help Muslims understand how they should lead every aspect of life, including prayer, vegetarianism and donations for the poor, according to God's will. With Al-Qaeda and the collapse to operate under Sharia Islamic Law, the Taliban ideology is similar to Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization has caused unknown how much pain to the world. Long time, Al-Qaeda takes Afghanistan as a basis. In 1998, the leader of Al-Qaeda was Osama Bin Laden began to receive an interview of a foreign media from the camp tent at M

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