Taliban Is Constantly Attacked In Afghanistan

Cars carrying members of the Taliban movement were attacked in the east of Afghanistan causing at least 5 people to kill on September 22 (local time). Tin AP said among 5 people killed 2 Taliban members and 3 civilians, including 2 children. The first attack occurs at a Jalalabad City stations that make two Taliban members, 1 gas station staff and 1 child died. The second attack - bombing aimed at transport cars Taliban members - causing 1 child to kill and 2 Taliban members are injured. The third attack was also in Jalalabad City aimed at the Taliban's car, causing a wounded person

. Does anyone take responsibility for 22-9 attacks. Before that, the Muslim State Organization (IS) claimed to operate in the east of Afghanistan announced accepting similar attacks, killing 8 people in Jalalabad TP last week. Taliban members on a car Sold in the capital Kabul
Photo: Aptaliban is under pressure to control the IS branch in Afghanistan, called IS-K, after committing to the international community that they will not happen to occur in Afghanistan in any Another country. In the World Health Organization (WHO) on 22-9 Afghanistan's health care system is on the brink of collapse. WHO called for an emergency action to prevent this perspective. "Afghanistan is facing a potential humanitarian disaster. Thousands of medical facilities are not sponsored at the material, and the staff must not pay a salary. The establishment has reduced activity or closes, forcing medical service providers to make difficult decisions about who will save anyone and let anyone die "- WHO said. This organization also emphasizes the necessity of Leaving Afghan women have access to education and medical. Also, some media in Afghanistan are supposed to have run out of money and face the lack of information under the rule of the Taliban. Many news agencies continue to publish online news and other numbers to close. In Panjshir Province - Final Storoscope against Taliban in Afghanistan, have reported some civilians shot by the Taliban when they try to leave Hide
A local resident in Panjshiri told ABC through the Whatsapp application that the Taliban blocked the civilian to question they were related to the resistance movement or the old government of Afghanistan. "Taliban took the phone Our dynamic and check them. If you find a suspicious photo, they kill him, "said this resident.

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