Taliban Issued A New Law In Educating Women And Girls In Afghanistan

Educational Minister of Taliban, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, announced a series of new limitations for women and girls in Afghanistan in a Sunday press conference. In the future, the Taliban will execute gender discrimination Calculated at the country's universities based on the belief that gender general education is contrary to the Muslim.HAQQQani said: "General education gender creating a conflict with the principles of Islam and on the other hand, It conflicts with national values and goes against the customs and traditions of Afghanists. "Outline the policy, Haqqani announced the idealest option that schools are separated by gender. Based on the plan, universities will have to set up a replacement learning time, or to divide the time as well as gender sites

.Taliban hopes to have female teachers to teach girls. If the conditions are not allowed, the male teacher can stand class, but the classes must follow the Taliban Khac's laws, as well as the Islamic Law. The Minister also announced that the headscarf team is a caught Forced in the rules of costume
HAQQiNi said the new rules are the result of the success of the Holy victory against the West to establish a "Islamic system". The Minister announced that he did not want to turn around 20 years ago, when women and girls were not allowed to go to school. Thuan Saturday, Taliban had raised the flag on the Presidential Palace, signaling the beginning of one The new government. Since taking power, the Taliban banned women to participate in sports and beaten women on the road to call for equal rights, as well as difficult for Afghanistan journalists to report on the protest.

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