Taliban Lost At Least 61 Planes

According to Avia.pro news agency, the former pilots of Afghan Air Force stolen at least 61 military aircraft of Taliban.0: 00/1: 03 namtaliban domain lost many aircraft.Theo, at least 26 Helicopters and 35 military aircraft were given by the former Afghan Air Force pilots and brought to neighboring countries. This action has significantly reduced military equipment that the Taliban can use

.Theo Avia.pro, the number of aircraft taken with 17 helicopters Mi-17, 7 helicopters UH-60, 7 Cuong aircraft Size A-29 Tucano, 17 Multi-purpose aircraft Cessna 209B and 11 Pilatus-12ng aircraft. A piece of Afghan Air Force Equipment is old and located in Tajkistan and Uzbekistan
However, there is information that in the near future, this number of equipment will be transferred to US military bases within the framework of the agreements that countries are achieved. Before that, Afghan aircraft in Tajkistan and Uzbekistan is said to have attacked the Taliban but this information has not been verified.

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