Taliban Occupies Ghazni, Approaching Kabul Capital

On August 12, Taliban captured the strategic city of Ghazni, only 150km from Afghanistan's Kabul capital. This is the 10th Provincial Capital falls into the Taliban within 1 week. The head of the Provincial Council of Nasir Ahmad Faqiri informed: "Taliban has gained control of the key areas of the city, including the provincial office , Police headquarters and prisons ". Ghazni is the city along the main highway Kabul-Kandahar, a gateway between the capital of Kabul and the Taliban region occupied in the South. Leaving Ghazni falls into the Taliban's hand seems to cause more pressure on Afghan Air Force that has had to fight, support for the day security forces being scattered

. The fighting has increased throughout Afghanistan since May when the US forces led by the US began to withdraw from this destroyed war. US intelligence fears that the Taliban can surround and occupy the Kabul capital within 1-3 months, sooner than the intelligence assessment given before.T

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