Taliban Occupies The Important City Of Kabul, President Afghanistan

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has an emergency conversation with local leaders and international partners when the Taliban got closer to the capital Kabul. "As the president, I am focusing on preventing unstable, Violence and relocation of people, "Ghani said in a short speech on the media. Afghan President said he was consulting with government officials, politicians and national leaders Just, at the same time, he emphasized his priority to consolidate the country's security and defense force. "Serious steps are being done in this regard," he said but did not give more details. The Taliban is likely to open the campaign to attack the capital Kabul in the next few days

. (Photo: AA) This speech was given by Afghanistan leader shortly after the Taliban occupied the city of Pul-e-Alam, the capital The province logar about 70km from Kabul. Occupying the Pul-e-Alam marks the important progress of the rebel group in the target to the capital of AFG Hanistan.My and many countries are rushing to evacuate their citizens and diplomats in the context of concerns that the Taliban will open the Kabul capital attack campaign in the next few days
Some of the embassies have also begun Burning sensitive documents before evacuating employees. The General Secretary Antonio Guterres warns the Afghanistan situation that is beyond the control "and calls all the parties to do more to protect civilians . "Now is the time to stop the attack. Now is the time to start serious talks, avoiding a prolonged civil war or the isolation of Afghanistan, "said Guterres.Theo Reuters, many people in the capital Kabul began to reserve rice and Other foods. Officials said the number of visa applications in the embassies has reached tens of thousands and Washington is asking for temporary countries to receive Afghan people working for the US government. (Source: Reuters)

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