Taliban Press Conference For The First Time, Outlining The Direction Of Afghanistan Leadership

'Taliban movement will not become a threat to any country that desires to establish a good relationship with the international community. In the coming time, a comprehensive government will be established in Afghanistan to lead the country based on the framework of the Islamic Values'.Quang Taliban's first press conference since winning the government at Afghanistan (Photo: The New York Times). This is the claims made by the spokesman of the Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid movement in the first official press conference since winning the government in Afghanistan. During the press conference was released directly on TV on August 17, the Taliban representative was said to have made commitments to bring many new features compared to the time this extreme Islamic movement ruled before being overthrown

. 20 years ago. The first official press conference of the Taliban took place at the front of the Afghan Government leadership room formerly to meet the press. Still the old furniture, only the flag in the meeting room has been changed with the white flag of the Taliban
Previously, it was the flag plug of the Afghan Government. "Afghanistan will have a strong Islamic government," Mujahid said, at the same time insisting that the new government will not abandon any major component Treatment in Afghanistan. The reporter of the reporter of the Afghan Future, Mr. Mujahid does not specifically, but the Taliban's leadership is currently studying and consulting on the specific titles in the new government. "Give us time" - spokesman on said. According to Mr. Mujahid's views, interactive relationships from Afghanistan side with external countries will continue and the Taliban will take advantage of country resources To serve reconstruction. "Afghanistan will not grow opium if the international community provides replacement crops for us ..
" - He added. In the press conference took place in the capital Kabul, the spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid Providing many commitments to the Afghanistan in the future under the leadership of the Taliban. Accordingly, the Taliban pledged to respect women's rights in accordance with Islamic Law. Women who are working and studying, because women are also an important part of society. Children are also free to go to school; All enemies, including former soldiers or official government officials backed by the West are amnesty; Contractors and interpreters working for international forces will not be prosecuted responsibilities. In addition, the Taliban also called on all government officials to return to normal work. "We guarantee that there will be no violence and prejudice for women. But the Islamic values are still our framework, "said a spokesman on emphasizing. According to noted, life in Kabul seems to have returned to normal after 3 days Taliban take over the capital. The store opened the door and bustling traffic again. Occasionally, the vehicles are required to stop to check the procedures in some control stations. Female also appears more on the streets of the Kabul capital and the surrounding area. However, their outfits seemed to be a bit changed with wider robes and tighter scarves. On television, female journalists still work on the street and interview Taliban members in the backstroke./t.lan (according to NY Times, Reuters, Xinhua, NHK)

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