Taliban Said The Deputy Prime Minister Baradar Died Of Fake News

Taliban forces today (September 14) voiced the denial of one of their top leaders was killed in a recent clash.0: 00/0: 54Nam in the main Twitter page Wake up, the Taliban force spokesman - Mr. SuLail Shaheen said that the former leaders of the Taliban's political office, who has just been appointed as Deputy Prime Minister Last Last Last Last Last - Abdul Ghani Baradar died of information fabricated and "completely unfounded". Abdul Ghani Baradar. Photo: Times of India

. Besides, the Taliban force also announced the video showing that Mr. Baradar appeared at meetings in the city of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan. The father of Afghanistan was given in the context of many appearances Rumors Guessed Mr
Ghani Baradar died in a military clash. Besides, Deputy Prime Minister Taliban also did not appear in public for a while and was not present in a senior delegation to meet Foreign Minister Qatar on Sunday (September 12). Before, force The Taliban announced the list of new cabinets on September 7 ./.ctv My Linh / VOV1 compiled according to Reuters

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