Taliban Showed On Holding A Series Of ‘terrible’ Aircraft

According to the Russian press, the Taliban members have made efforts to occupy at least 6 normal active fighter planes. The documents are reported in non-professional goods talking about 6 powers A-29B Tucano and AC-208B. These combat facilities can be used for the attack on the capital of Afghanistan, which is said to begin at noon today (August 15) in the area of the area. 29B Tucano. Source: Reporter Before, Taliban has never used airplanes in activities against Afghan and American forces, because they do not have aircraft in equipment

. However, along with the attack aircraft, the Holy Wars convinced the pilots towards themselves - who later simply decided to stand on the Taliban side. Besides, the defense image Tinh was announced by the Russian newspaper also showed a air base in Mazar-I-Sharif city, which was taken about 12 hours ago. Many aircraft are in the base occupied by the Taliban
Source: Internet Fighter Fighter, Air Base also Helicopter Mi-17, UH-60 and MD-530F. All of them are in the area that are controlled by the Taliban.Lianview, a day earlier, there is information that the Taliban used Mi-17 helicopter was arrested to attack the Afghan army, making the ability This force can go to the capital of Afghanistan is almost certainly. Linh (TH)

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