Taliban Shows Off The Booty Warehouse From The Us, Accounting For The City

Along with capturing the second largest city Afghanistan, the Taliban has just announced the giant booty repository from the government troops.Theo image published by the Taliban at the end of August 12 shows, there are at least one UAV Scaneagle produced by the US is seized. This UAV is still new and still leaves in a storage box. The Taliban advantage of the Taliban is still around 10 MRAP-resistant armored vehicles also produced by the US, a T-62 tank, hundreds of troops The and many other personal weapons. The Taliban booty occupied from the government troops

. "All weapons are gained in a very good state. Our gunmen will use to attack the army The Afghan government in the comes ", a Taliban commander claims. This news adds, all the numbers of weapons are left by government troops at Kunduz Airport when withdrawing
It is known that Scaneable is a small, durable unmanned aircraft and can work well in terms of dark night. Scaneagle has a range of more than 100 km. Unmanned aircraft are designed to scout, but it can be equipped with other tasks such as targeting targets for attacking ground forces. America provided Scaneagle (unknown quantity) for troops Afghan national team in the past as part of the program worth $ 174 million. The program was excited about criticizing because it did not achieve the main objectives set off. With showing off the huge booty warehouse, the Taliban also announced that he had controlled Kandahar and Afghan's strategic urban series. "Taliban has Get Kandahar after fertilizing night clashes 12/8. Government force is still entrenched in Kandahar airport, the second largest US military base in this country, "Afghan officials anonymously revealed the day 13 / 8.kandahar, the second largest city Afghanistan, is considered where the Taliban appears. The Taliban with the core is the Pashtun gunmen emerging since 1994 in the context of Afghanistan underwending the civil war between many ethnic groups
Also on the 12th, Ghulam Habib Hashimo, officials in Herat, the third largest city Afghanistan Know this area has fallen. "The government force only kept the airport and a military barracks in the city. Families left or hiding in the house," he said. Afghanistan also confirmed the Taliban gunmen controlled many other strategic cities, including Lashkar Gahs in South and Qala-E-Naw in the Northwest.Lashkar Gah is the capital of Helmand Province, where the US force and Allies have been fighting against rebels for years. A police officer said the government officials and military commanders left by helicopters on the night of August 11, while 200 soldiers were surrendered to Taliban. So far, Kabul is still under control of Afghan government force, but with the current attack, the Taliban is increasingly approaching this city. The US intelligence evaluated the Taliban could besieged and occupied Kabul for 90 days.

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