Taliban Strives To Stabilize The Afghanistan Situation, The World’s Best Tracking “

Immediately after winning the government, the Taliban force has stabilizes the Afghanistan situation as well as promoting the establishment of the new government. World is also closely monitoring happening in Afghanistan with reviews to give The approach and a reasonable position with the new government in this South Asian country. Taliban members occupy the Afghan President's Palace in Kabul. Photo: Al Jazeer Taliban Today Today (August 17) announced an amnesty for all government officials, and urged them to return to work. The Taliban also said the new government will soon be established, including those who are not belonging to the Taliban forces and the people from the old government

. In a positive statement when the Taliban expressed his desire for women to participate in the new government component. Before the latest developments in Afghanistan, the world is also on with diplomatic activities with electricity Dam or urgent meeting, evaluating the situation as well as reviewing the strategy in this South Asian country. One of the most mentioned questions in the press conference Yes yesterday is whether there is a new government recognition in Afghanistan: American Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ned Price said, Taliban's behavior Including the construction of a government respects human rights including women's rights will be the conditions for the US to consider recognizing the new government in Afghanistan
"The US and the International Community are once again cooperating with Each other to Taliban needs to implement these conditions. The United Nations claim also emphasized, the political solution would be best for the benefit of all parties, including the US or allies and most importantly the benefits of the Afghan people themselves ", Ned price spokesman said. Russian diplomat yesterday (August 16) said it was exposed to all parties in Afghanistan expressing hope to establish a friendly relationship with Afghan's new leadership but also Russia will not rush to recognize the Taliban regime. In the meantime, China said respecting the choice of Afghan people and hopes the transition process in South Asia's country happened smoothly. "China maintains the contact with the Taliban and other parties in Afghanistan on the basis of respecting the sovereignty and the wishes of the parties in Afghanistan. China plays a positive role in promoting the political solution to Afghanistan ". With a more rigid stance, British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab affirmed:" We will use the G7 Chairman to specify the Taliban that They must obey the commitment, never allow Afghanistan to be used as a basis for terrorism, establishing a more comprehensive government and protects the most essentials of human rights, including respect Women's rights ". At this point, it is too early for countries to provide an official response to recognizing or not recognizing the new government in Afghanistan when the Taliban is still in the process of promoting the main establishment cover. The decision to approach the new government in Afghanistan will depend heavily on the benefits of each country in this South Asian country. And more importantly are the Taliban's steps to implement the commitments in the city
Make a government or ensure human rights and protect women and girls. A new government "uniform, incredibly and highly representative, including full, equal and meaningful participation of women" is the desire of the United Nations Security Council for Afghanistan - National capital facing too much loss and suffering ./. Pham Ha / VOV1 (General)

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