Taliban Takes Control Of The Largest Border Gate Between Afghanistan And Iran

Taliban forces have taken control of an important district in Western Afghanistan, including the main border gate with Iran. Islam Qala border gate - the largest border gate between Afghanistan and Iran is the second important border gate that Taliban won Control since opening an extensive attack campaign in early May - the time of foreign soldiers forces started the last troops. Taliban soldiers. Source: Internet. Front before the Taliban gunmen operate in Afghanistan overflowing across the adjacent areas with 5 countries including Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China and Pakistan - when foreign forces end the pull interference Two decades long in this South Asian country

. Intense fighting between the Taliban gunmen and the Afghan Government forces also took place in the Northern Balky province bordering Uzbekistan. In head of this week, more than 1,000 Afghan Security Officers must run to Tajikistan when the Taliban occupied the Taliban Out of Badakhshan province. According to some security sources, the Taliban gunmen even occupied 5 districts in Heart without fighting
/.Phuong Anh / VOV1 translates according to Reuters

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