Taliban Traces Treasure Thousands Of Gold Pieces Of Nomades

Taliban is searching for the Bactrian treasure dating back to 2,000 years, including thousands of gold pieces found inside 6 graves, according to the Hindustan Times.0: 00/1: 35 South Culture and Information Taliban They began attempting to locate the Bactrian treasure, discovered 4 decades ago in the Tela Tapa area, Sherberghan Prefecture, Jawzjan Province - north of Afghanistan.In Ahmadullah Wasiq, a senior official of the committee Taliban culture, announcements The relevant agencies have been tasked with tracing and collecting information about the Bactrian treasure. "The problem is being investigated. We will collect information to capture the actual situation

. If the Bactrian treasure is taken out of Afghanistan, this will be an argument. The Afghan government will take strict actions if the Bactrian treasure and other antiquities are taken out of the country "- Tolo News Wasiq said. Ong Ahmadullah Wasiq
Photo: SBSTHeo National Geographic, Bactrian treasure contains more than 20,000 items, including gold rings, coins, earrings, beads, necklaces, crowns and weapons. In addition to gold, Bactrian treasures also have many items made from gemstones. Students believe that 6 tombs contain treasure Bactrian belong to 6 rich Asian nomads, including 5 women and 1 man . In February this year, the Bactrian treasure was taken to the Afghan President's Palace and displayed to the public. However, after the Taliban came to power, many people worried about the fate of this treasure. Before that, in December 2020, Tolo News confirmed the Bactrian treasure was on display in 13 countries in the past 13 years "Bring a total of over $ 4.5 million to Afghanistan" .Kho Notice Bactrian is said to contain more than 20,000 valuable items. Photo: Khaama Press force

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