Taliban Turned Down To Kill Dozens Of Civilians At The Panjshir Fortress

At least 20 civilians were supposed to have been killed by the Taliban movement in Panjshir Valley of Afghshir, the BBC reported on September 13.Tai BBC led local sources to know among 20 civilians have a man As the shop owner and father of 2 children in the Panjshir valley. He decided not to flee when the Taliban movement entered this valley. According to the source, the man told the Taliban gunmen that he was just a poor shop owner, unrelated to the war in the Panjshir valley . However, he was accused of selling SIM cards to members of the protester, so it was killed

. The gunmen of the Taliban movement. Photo: Reuters A 14-second video (unverified) video is said to be spinning in the Panjshir valley showing the armed men pushing a group of people into the container. On the social network Facebook also spread the information "270 young Panjshir's young people were inserted into the container, then lined up below"
panjshir - located in the province of the same name of Afghanistan - is the last fortress against the Taliban. This is where the Front Front Front National Resistance (NRF) led by the leader of Ahmad Massoud after the Taliban controlled the capital Kabul on 15-8.Panjshir is a long-standing anti-Taliban strong, challenging Taliban's rule in the 1990s. This valley has a rugged geography and narrow entrances, making it a solid fortress. Although Taliban is committed to "not revenge" since the US and copper Minh was completely drawn from Afghanistan last month but many reports showed that the Taliban murders were implemented in particular goals. When entering the Panjshir valley, the Taliban spokesman claimed this movement would "protect their people and their families". Before the Taliban's internal sources confirmed with Reuters that they were "captured Panjshir Valley "but has been denied by the antagonist. At the beginning of September, a video filmed the Taliban gunmen into the house of Panjshir Provincial Governor and raised the won signal flag. Meanwhile, the NRF Massoud leader continues to call a national uprising. Pham Nghe

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