Taliban Warriors Hugged The Duck Cycling Gun In Afghanistan’s ‘travel Paradise’

The image spread on Twitter shows that the Taliban warriors are excited to pedal ducks in Lake Band-e Amir famous in Bamiyan Province.0: 00/1: 05 nam in the photo, the Taliban warriors are happy to play but still Five-five hugged the pomegranate launcher and Kalashnikov rifle. These images were recorded in the Band-E Amir National Park (Bamiyan Province, Central Afghanistan). This is a famous tourist attraction that has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Band-e Amir National Park has 6 clear blue lakes of the abyss located under the Hindu Kush Mountains

. The image is shared by jake Hanrahan reporter on Twitter. Photo: Twitter: Twitter in 2001, just before the US brought troops to Afghanistan, the Taliban had exploded two giant Buddhist reliefs 1,500 years old carved into mountains in Bamiyan Province. Being released in the context of Afghanistan situation is becoming stressful because of issues related to the rights of women and girls
Chief of Kabul, Hampupullah Namony, recently announced only female employees in the Location cannot be replaced with men who are allowed to continue working. Schools girls are also forced to close, while college classes are also separate by gender.Minho daily mail

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