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Considering the title of People's Artist (People's Artist), Merited Artist (Meritorious) in 2021, this is a matter of general public and artists of many generations of special interest. The review title records show, is encouragement, motivation of the State with a team of writers and artists. Approval lapses have been many artists to be honored, particularly in several waves at title People's Artist, Meritorious recently, many young faces are considered and awarded. This makes the arts and cultural life of the country became active, however we also have the concern and disappointment vong.Bai difficult problem for regulators lyNeu Regulation only applies to full award criteria gold, Silver award in the exchange festival period, taking the national professional association is not at the artists of the previous generation will not qualify

. But unfortunately, this is the generation of artists that made a revolutionary cinema, theater ..
extremely brilliant, they are factors to create footage goes to the heart of Thanh Tu nguoi.NSUT " back in August ", Meritorious Artist Uyen in" Birds rings "... and there are not a few faces significant contribution to reshape the film industry and television series in the period after the reunification as Meritorious Thanh Quy, People's Artist Phuong Thanh (the bar after the loss has been posthumously awarded the title of People's Artist) ... would damage thoi.Chinh for that reason, government policy has made exceptional for special cases do not apply Its rules and regulations depend on the medal, but this has not yet been fully implemented. Not a few artists who are considered old villages, banyan trees, tree theme of theater and cinema forever at a standstill with the title of Meritorious Artist, while fiery descendants, to the title game NSND
Trao title People's Artist, NSUT.Co many comments on forums that the title People's Artist, Meritorious today too mass, leading to the public hearing shows indifference. If any pressure according to the standard regulations, before long we will be very much the People's Artist, Artist of Merit, for there will be many people achieving the title of People's Artist, but the people do not know the name. There are some comments that should only awarded the title proposed for the artists have made great contributions, anonymous influence, iconic for each field, but now honors those stars too easy dang.Co artists do not devote what great, no work has its own mark, not creating artistic value, non-participation in cultural activities and entertainment in the provinces, such contributions to social opportunity to be honored. Should we need to tighten awarded for referring to someone awarded the title People's Artist noble voila not only the honor of the individual artist, but also the pride of the field of technology there are numerous technical and public love nhan.Ong Vi Kien Thanh record (Cinema Department, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism): the journey is quite time nan- from 1984 to date, through 10 revisions, awarded the title of people's Artist, Artist of Merit, but until now still the case "special" people to be worthy, but not yet approved to people's Artist, or Artist of Merit. It started from the criteria must be two national gold medal, but generally there are artists who are older, due to social conditions when they are young there are few national competitions are held. The exceptional has been applied in some cases, but not enough, should be very mind artists, feel marginalized. So what solution for people who are not artists? Just after each review title is the agency managing the State were to listen to all different directions from the media, the entertainment industry, the public, see and re-see to tweak this a little bit, the other a little. The views of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to market demand, but no machines. I participated in a lot of the panel's title should Bo.Vay no decree that fixes many such decrees. There is no public decree was 3 years all life, continuously enhanced to meet the demands of society, and the desire of the artist how the most reasonable. While, adjust the percentage of the vote of the panel awarded, while adjusting the number of medals, while the adjustment of the limit to the year which are not based on the medal, because at that time the artist I still go to the battlefield, State institutions are not full of festivals festival to one medal duoc.Nhung fix anything, fix, unable to meet, correspond or called true desire of all everyone. Bridge appears so, but never get the fullness of all. Too hard. State management agencies and society always want to have an accurate, fair as we try to reach to achieve. Only thing in reality there are always special circumstances or differences, is the new insiders find it very difficult. This journey will be very long and quite time nan.- Artists are very big ego, themselves also full of self-esteem, do not submit an application first time, the next time people will be discouraged, people think " his dedication like that without being recognized, as

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