Talking The Wind “chasing ‘her Husband To His Hometown But When He Discovered This Unit

It's like to know that truth sooner, I will never do selfishness, so small. I regret too 9: 00/3: 00 Southern people born and raised in the city, not good at stove and over husband 2 years old. Immediately after marriage, we moved to live in the house because my parents bought donated. Currently we have stable jobs and good income in the city. My husband is the introspection, which is time, he likes to drive home to take care of the garden, trees and eat rice with his father in the countryside

. I lost my mother from 10 years old. Nobody doubt his father is in so much job of struggling from cultivating to carrying and carrying children to raise their children to study. So, so, so from loving each other my husband, I offered that later I wanted to go home to live with my father Alone father, he didn't want lonely father
It was a dynamic girl, who would like to bustle, so I didn't accept the movement to her hometown with her husband. I asked my parents to buy us the house to keep her husband staying in the city. To the heart of my heart, Tien also stopped the intention to move back to his hometown. However, sometimes he still returned to his hometown to pick his father on the house meals, half a month. Ilight him up, I felt very uncomfortable with his savings habits in their activities, to the whole piece. save. Even so I still lush to my husband. When my son was 2 years old, my father often came to my house, I missed my child, remembering me so even if my husband was not picked up, he also caught the passenger car Up to the city ..
. that time, just came to my house, my father's father announced that this time he played a few months ago made me uncomfortable on the face. Money for his father was terrible. From the day of my parents to make everything but I had never dedicated my father a shirt, and my father, I didn't take care of my clothes, dining, and money for money. So then he knows her father in the house, I deliberately opened the door and took her husband that he took his father to his hometown, the house was cramped with his father to play forever, when he served, there was a lot of money Well, buy a house for a recent house to let father live. Before he gave me a document file and talked back to my husband. I don't care about the paper to flippivate it so rush to go to the table to drink the water and then go on the dressing house to prepare to go to work. Looking out of the house, looking at the documents of her father-in-law to get a savings book. Running opened it, it was true that the 500 million savings book named my husband and wife and my husband letters wrote sent to him when he was in college. Calling the electricity to my hometown Liver cancer so he sold the house in and decided to move to my husband and wife the last days of life. Yet I don't know if I still have a shadow of "chasing" my father to my hometown because I think the old father, troublesome. I know this must be a divorce I lost because I knew in my heart, my father was important Conducted. Now I am very confused, I love my husband and I have a mistake, I'm wrong. If I was calmer, softer sometimes everything is not awkward like now. What should I do to make my husband angry, let my father stand back to my house now? (You read anonymously)

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