Tam Giang Ladder

August lunar calendar is the most beautiful time in Hue in Hue. At that time, the rain was unleased, the sun was no longer hot to soil so that the land was sometimes a pleasant massive scent for a pleasant. Bored, flourished; Multiply water, shrimp, crab and fish with rivers with breaking. Hue people have sentences: "August, in April". Perhaps because folks say to replace crabs with frustration in April or August, the lunar calendar is delicious

. Simply in April and August, the harvest is also the season of heavy rains with fields. April has a flood of urination, August has early floods. Shrimp, crabs, turtles, betting are delicious because they are eating many aquatic species drifted, relaxed with flooded water fields
Tam Giang was a specialty, everyone knows. And Tam Giang's british is a specialty but a popular one who is not enjoyed. My friend said when the rice was finished, carrying the oi (the name of the fisherman fishing gear of the local people) on the side of the fields to go to the fields and leaned. Rounded fats filled with the root of the root, so they picked up it. I also had a few fishermen in Tam Giang lagoon to invite alcohol to boil salt. The landlord seemed to be afraid when there was no fish shrimp on the tray to invite guests: "Meals doing" too "too, the uncle uses afraid of holding nuns!". It is that he said to love, because the people broke Tam Giang, which considered chitish being a dumbfounded when fish and shrimp bowls ... Why is why called ladown? Perhaps due to its shape, the body is different from the shape of the draft or also called a bronze crab
.. someone explained "laptop" is because every time they float to the water, they flew into Each other has come up with a fries drift along the water flow, then just put the racket picked up every fair, each with a lot of voice ... The ladder is a delicious dish in the tray when the water season drifted back to the river, field. Tam Giang ladies breaking the food processing is also delicious! Steaming lemon pepper steaming. Be sure to get boiled vegetable and banana sauce. Be sure to filter the water to cook noodles, cook soup, cook vegetables, mysteries. But the violin cooked with soup with the most delicious, the fatty taste of the violin with the sourness of a very "sharp" dish in the language of the indigenous population. The aromathery massage of the land of heaven and earth when the rainy season comes! Post and Photo: Phi Xinh

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