Taste 58: Male (phuong Oanh) Refuses To Long (strong School) Because Of Cowardly

Seeing Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) supposed to replace Hoang Long (strong school), knife, Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh) Hugging the daughter will step into Hoang Long's family to make strawberries. But Phuong Nam suddenly denied the feelings of Long.0: 00/2: 02 Nam Phuong Nam did not want to date a strong school "Flavor" 58 broadcasts 21:00 on July 8 on VTV1. Ms

. Bich hoses thought to lose Huy (Anh Vu), decided to pair Nam-Long. In episode 57 Ms. Bich deliberately pushed long in the situation to carry the male to the room, creating a separate space to stay separately with the South
I, Ms. Bich flipped his post always said that compared to girls surrounded around Long, men were extremely different. "The male house of Ms. Nam has not been able to go south, the female is not good," Ms. Bich said. Although Nam glared at the brand, Ms. Bich did not stop and turned to turn to the Allies. Long laughed and pleased to agree with Mrs. Bich. "I said my heart to Mr
Long's heart. The lady is as strong as a male child, holding a knife to loves a lover, "Ms. Bich deliberately reminded Long. Bich Bich Ban Nam was more than other little ladies back. The company works, she talks frankly with Long. "I like me, I like you," Nam said. She said that if normal boys are unpaired, unpastized girls are a normal deal. However, Nam heard the conversation between Long and Mom so he could dodge. "People I don't like love on myself, decentralize so you can go, I'm going to me, otherwise you just consider me as a benefactor," said Nam said. I am like a favor on Khanh Thy (Thu Quynh), she was unable to faster, revealing the nature to strawl to acquire power. Seeing her father-in-law want to bring Long so the position of general manager replaced, thy to face and about quarreling with Huy. Not yet told the intention to bring him back to the company to work again, Thy only the winding of Huy should receive the family's financial help to expand the chain of restaurants. Because Huy only likes to work because of hobbies, not prove that parents see their competence, no ambitions. Meanwhile, fear of men will marry long, so Ms. Sa found the arsenal to put what said men gave life to taking the trust of the family Longhan family to become a rich house.

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