Taste Friendship: It Turns Out That Ms. Bich’s Golden Case ‘has Been Melievous For A Long Time

While the audience still wondered when Ms. Bich was minh minh san to steal the golden ring of Ms. Long Long, it turned out that the truth of the case was clarified long ago. Just now the new characters told the viewers to know that only.02 / 1: 23 nuns of the southern mother's mother played badly, for Ms

. Bich to steal her golden ring gradually made the audience Exposure when watching the faithful flavor Part 1. When the movie is about to go into the end, many people still wonder if the male mother has a minh oan in this, until the plot of Thy and Ba Sa Revealed. Bich Bich was vu vu oan made male farewell because too embarrassed but turned out to be smart and thoughtfully thought over we thought
In episodes of 50 medium waved, she had got away, wanting to find male because she thought she was her daughter. By the time I met the male mother, she gradually asked to see if Mrs. Bich was still warm in the old golden ring. Ban Bich revealed that he was silently handled by Mr. Khang, he was revealed that Mr. Khang met She separately to solve the situation, so Mrs. Bich just ignored everything and happily vun for men - Long Thanh doubled as well as comfortable meeting. Ms. Bich's secret makes the audience extremely surprised because it turns out that a few years ago, a few years ago was handled by Long's family for a long time. Thy Delete Camera has been known by Mr
Khang? That also means Mr. Khang has somewhat overlooking Thy's true face and Ms. Sa, just he still wants to give Thy the opportunity to correct and redo everything from the beginning never mind. Only sorry that the two mother Thy did not recognize it, still thinking that the old one did not discover and sink deeply into the plan to bury his father and son. Tai Nam - Photo synthesis from many sources

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