Taste Hearing P2 Episode 17: And Love Long (manh Truong), Nam (phuong Oanh)

Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) cried, admitted to love Hoang Long (strong school) but still didn't want to go back to Long, afraid to hurt more. 'Flavor friendship' Part 2 Episode 17 Broadcasts 21:00 am 19/8 on VTV1.Nam still love but do not want to go back to LongBa Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) frustrating because Long deliberately avoided, without breakfast. Ms. Ginseng helps happily, says the iron face turns into flowers since men appeared

. "Leaning around vicious, the two of them returned to each other to know," ginseng missed Ms. Xuan luck. Ms
Xuan sarcastically, she was thick, but she said firmly in the home deliberately taking men. Squate ontime and asking to ask the mother-in-law and her husband, but Khanh Thy (Thu Quynh), Khánh Thy (Thu Quynh), Khánh Thỳ Không Kho.Thy Không Không Bão Mom again after being battle "dog" extorted VND 2 billion, he was wrong Lazy detector. He went to the hospital that the battle was treating. Tan suddenly discovered he was born (Vo Hoai Nam NS, taking care of the war. The father had a severe illness, the biggered the fruit, all the fighs poured to scold him. The battle took this time to another time to ask him to call his son to get a son. It was discovered that he had a "dog" battle "dog" worried because the night of the night dreamed of death. He was born outside the story, was very sad. Sa (Thu Hanh) Meet tons to ask about the "dog" war
Tonjacked, recounting the "dog" war was making money for her father. Tons of announcements have a strange thing that he gave birth to her father. Ms. Narressing him toned the money for the "dog" war, for fear of war telling him to know that he was the killer of Ba Sa, blaming him to give to prison. Ton intended for the "dog" to silence all lifelong.sa feared that he was about to learn about killing her husband and blamed the sin to "dog" to tell him to give him a very beaten day, because he was hatred The wife abandoned her. The battle used to be tied up and put into the sacks of hitting. The battle of "dogs" said, the price as that day was so creepy. He encouraged the battle anyway to be the one. Battle of clams speaking and spending without feeding, what to do. The statement of shielding him was born. "Dogs" were happy with violence (Bich Ngoc) in announcement of not being fired. Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh) pleased to pull Diep into the house, but dropped the book of 500 million Ba Bich's savings. Diep also doubts that is a fake book. Ms. Bich was ancient and said that she didn't bother to use a fake, and told Diep carefully to damage the savings book. Nam doubted that he savened, asked Ms. Bich took out that big money. Ms. Bich hamlet lied around.Nam was angry when she knew Ms. Bich received 500 millionnam to remember the story of the principal saying Chinh Long was the person who was a guarantee to apply for work to Diep. She doubts that the amount involved in Long, so it will be asked. Ms. Bich had true Due to Long, saying she didn't hush anything, Long voluntarily gave and that Long was very persistent to find male. Nam was angry because the past few years Ms. Bich did not say anything, both Diep was silent. Diep cried to say he didn't know anything. Ms. Bich flattered the house, she poked the savings book directly to find Long.Nam returned Long Seal book and returned to the book for Long, she also said to arrange for Diep. another thing. "I have any position that returns you," Long suddenly asked Nam. He said helping Ms. Bich and Diep, not to help men. Long Bao did all this because she felt sorry for men. Since men left him, he didn't know what to do, without the opportunity to apologize, so he could only compensate for his relatives beside him. Nam Bao, sometimes as much as material compensation, the more loss of things. With that male is self-estful. Ac acknowed to love Longlong afraid of no chance to meet again. Long recalls feel sorry for men, feeling pain because men go to foreign workers, while in love with Nam do not accept any gifts from him. He wondered if he had ever loved him, with her long whether or not it was an important person. Nam cried acknowledged affection but still said it didn't want to repeat the old one more, just missing me. Long asked straight: "I still love you". "What about that. A relationship that knows in advance with no results is best not to start again, "said the red-eyed male. She was about to turn away from leaving, Long quickly pulled the male and hugged her. But the South did not want to continue to be injured in women, he could not repeat the farewell to the next time. Male repeated for Long remembering the forum because of where he parted. It is because Chinh Long does not believe Ms. Bich does not steal gold, male knows the aversion to people without money. Male said Long Don't let the two people have to hurt anymore, then she turned off her shirt.

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