Taste Love 66: Nam (phuong Oanh) Actively Break Up Long (strong School)

Knowing Hoang Long (strong school) still suspects Mrs. Bich (Tu Oanh) to steal gold, Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) proactively says farewell. 'Flavor body' episode 66 broadcasts 21:00 pm 20/7 on VTV1.0: 00/2: 37 namPhuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) actively says farewell (Anh Vu) drink with his brother and say that , Bich's story steals unreasonable gold. Long checked the security camera but the image of the stolen theft was erased

. It was strange because if Mrs. Bich erased the camera to delete the image of her "Turn off" before. However, Long has not found any reason to convince me to believe Ms
Bich does not steal. It is quite awake in Mrs. Bich's stealing, "Why does this happen correctly at the time when he prepares to work Declare your affection with men. That's what I wonder. At home there are each mother who opposes his story, "said the suspicion. Huy also asked his brother to plan to deal with men and women to answer "not to know how to do it" .Nam Khanh Thy (Thu Quynh) spoke. Nam asked straight thy to see if others were playing in Mrs. Bich took gold. Don't answer the question, Thy asked the South to Mrs
Bich's man. Male a squid to protect her mother, she said she would do it together.Nam said straightly suspiciously Mother Thy was about to be afraid of the Fan still wanted to investigate the stolen to actively say goodbye. When it comes out to Ms. Bich to steal. Thy said that if she didn't solve the camera, we got a big thing. Thy asked Mrs. SA to be self-sufficient, she didn't want to follow the consequences. Because she was bluntly saying only when she died Thy all the responsibility, or only when she sought from her mother. She gave it clearly, Huy's family never accepted her to give up her mother.

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