‘taste Love’ Episode 85: Grandma Urged Long To Quickly To The South

In episode 85 (Part 2, Episode 14) The movie 'Firacy Flavor', she gradually advised Long to determine in affectionate affection with men, advising you to study brother, buy both buffaloes and nghé.0: 00 / 2: 09 NAMTURONG RONG Review Episode 85 (Part 2, Episode 14) The movie "Flavor Love", after knowing Long despite still affection to the South but lacks actively in the closer of his love, she gradually Asked: "So I'm going to give up?" Answer her question a shy, sharing: "I need more time and male. She still hasn't forgotten the words with their families. Not over, men worried for her so I could go. She also didn't want to meet you "

. Seeing my fear of my fears, she gradually advised: "I don't teach your teachers? Wedding wife must get married immediately. Do you do such a quick business, but in this thing to do it later? At the same time, it did as a Huy with a thy, marrying both buffaloes and nghé. Hearing the words she said, Long was surprised and laughed
He gradually urged Long to resume ancient love with men. Photo: VTV. In another detail, Mr. Tan still strives to persuade Ba Sa for me the right to raise children. However, Ms. Sa said, "I don't make you keep my promise, life changes, who is different, can't be a promise that gives away the rest of the life" .Nghe see Ms. Sa said so, Mr. Tan smiled and bitterly said: "It's true that your wife's heart". In response to Mr
Tan's attitude, Ms. Sa still calmly said thought: "You are now wealthy, conditional, response. Why, he did not married. Age he can give birth to any muscle. One or ten children can also take care of them themselves. Why must be a Dung ". Last Last Review, Diep after meeting the Dung told her:" No matter what you try, it has never forgotten it. " Knowing Diep's affection, South said: "You are unwind. Now, I just love others to be able to forget old people right away "My advice, Diep responded:" Do you do it like you said? Or, I still love you long. " Not satisfied with my opinion, men showed unhappy: "Why don't you go naturally in this?". After that, Diep just put the problem: "Do you still love you, right? So 3 years, do you love anyone else. " Episode 85 (Part 2, Episode 14) The movie "Taste Love" will broadcast at 21:00 on August 16 on VTV1.Minh An channel

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