Taste Love P2 Episode 34: Spring (quach Thu Phuong) Jump To Suicide

After the scandal made charity but was prosecuted to fraud, Ms. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) felt no face face facing his loved ones. In the middle of the late night, Ms. Xuan sat squeezed by the bridge wants to commit suicide. 'Flavor body' part 2 episode 34 broadcasts 21:00 pm 14/9 on VTV1

.0: 00/1: 44 namBa Xuan (Guo Thu Phuong) jumps (NSS Trinh Mai Nguyen) told you that she Spring (Quach Thu Phuong) called for native moms abroad wanted to settle but the ladder refused. "My mother has this intention not right away,", Huy (Anh Vu) judges. Thy (Thu Quynh) panicked in her husband and she was too heartless
Nam (Phuong Oanh) told her husband and her husband to find Ms. Xuan. Family worried about Mrs. Xuan Then when the house unknown Where to find Ms. Xuan, Ms. Ginseng helped breaking in the kitchen panic. Just shouting and pointing to the phone, ginseng said the spring was being returned by the people in the scene on the bridge, beside the suitcase. The person who went back to the clip Calling the family to go to the bridge immediately to promptly recommend that the scenic house panicked to see the image of Ms. Xuan sat squeezed on a different situation, hinging stress with Thy. "I treat everyone very reasonable, I do everything at all
But don't I see that I'm just making the responsibility round? I can't feel it is an affection of a child, the grandchild of the family for his relatives ". This is not the first time to remind his wife about attitudes with this fake attitude.Thy spicy owl because her husband said he had no feelings for his husband's family's family on response: "I think about me ever ? Are you since my bride in this house, right in this house. " At the end of episode 33, Thy continued to show jealousy, envy with men when only two people. She also asked for men and now she was very happy because she scored with her parents. Male only used soft ways to respond, saying that the whole family loves themselves, now only waits Thy. Middle and male amendments will be much more stressful in the next few days.

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