Taste Love P2 Episode 35: Nam-long (phuong Oanh-manh School) Makes Viewers Blush

There was no heavyness because of the jump of Ms. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong), causing the whole family to panic, Mr. Khang's home atmosphere (NS, Trinh Mai Nguyen) returned to normal. Nam-Long (Phuong Oanh-Manh Trung) makes the audience blush because of emotional scenes. 'Flavor body' part 2 episode 35 broadcasts 21h evening 15/9 on VTV1

.0: 00/1: 56 NAMNAM-Long domain, causing the audience blushing because of the love scene of episode 34, when she saw Ms. Xuan (Quách Thu Phuong) was saved by men after jumping bridges and ladies (NSND Nhu Quynh) again and again, rushing into spring hair. Since then she gradually considers Nam (Phuong Oanh) is Quyen-daughter
In episode 35, Nam-Long couple sat under the soil whispering to look like she slowly sleep.Long demanded that the wife and his wife was not hesitant to shy to invite his wife to his room to let him massage. Nam declined immediately to say to the kitchen because a lot of things "only go to the room is fast". "Brother carrying the kitchen, the way to cross a little room", I'm flattering. Male hesitant, finally surrendered. I am still waiting for the audience very waiting for every episode to climb on your back and ask "Caseless", my husband is strong, but I haven't stood up. soil. Both startled because she gradually feared, Long turned to a severe male criticized with her loved wife and said, "When she doesn't have a severe". I still have a sophistication to find a bibliography (Vo Hoai Nam) still believes "dogs "Alive, so trace. The reforestation of the forest, he discovered a lady washing the shirt of the war, but when she asked just picking up the upstream
He lived his search again, hopefully the "dog" war did not lose his life.Thy met Africa in the company (Thu Quynh) to encounter Phi (To Dung) in the company. "Your company's employees are now the daughter-in-law of their father's father, so he prioritizes to cooperate with him's easy to understand," said Thy. "Nam has no impact on what he does well with him, he is invited to cooperate, that's all. I have misunderstood anything that you have been in a hurry, "Thy said. Cruelly heard Thy and Phihuy's conversation (Anh Vu) accidentally standing behind the conversation. "Anyway, when working with acquaintances, my father and Mr. Long will feel more assured," Thy said. "Looks like I didn't seem very uncomfortable," said straight.

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