Taste: Only With A Saying, Thy Decided To Live With Her Husband’s House

HHT - Now this minute, Khanh Thy can't play a good girl, fun. The hatred with the male father's father made Thy accept the real living in front of her husband with a revenue of he Khang Polars' Early'.0: 00/1: 19 male domain position of body practice 49 (Part 2) air Tuesday night 5/10 promises to be very rushing with a series of circumstances that make the audience to take their eyes off the screen. Recently, Thy characters have constantly disturbed their husband's house when they were not afraid to confront Nam.Thy and his mother stumbling at the climax to the peak when the two mother Thy criticized him before The face of Nam - Long couple makes men forced to disclose the secret of his biological father

. Disuding this shock shock, the more hatred makes it more hatred, cannot continue to play in front of her parents. House, don't let the argument argument happen again then Thy holds a cold face like ice and replied, "I can't do it". A quote like very polite but caused him to be gangerous
Thy's feeling caused Mr. Khang, he had to startle by before, Thy even if it was uncomfortable to keep his face smiling, talking softly husband parent. But now she is not afraid to treat her mother-in-law, now on the whole body shows that Thy is suffering from hatred everywhere. But Thy is getting angry and treating how many men, Thy sinks deep into the disguise and the tiger when the truth was later exposed. Between men and Thy will be removed? Vu - Photo synthesis from multiple sources

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