Taste Part 2 Episode 23: Male Revealed The Secret ‘sky’ With Long

Review Flavor Part 2 Episode 23 Revealing Long Scenes Make a marriage issue, Male decided to tell the truth about the truth for him.0: 00/2: 08 NAMNAM RESOURCES REVOLUTIONARY RESOURCES OF THE FRIENDS Part 2 episode 23 (Episode 94) is a long-term scene (strong school) that it doesn't want Nam (Phuong Oanh) to think he comes to her just because Mrs.Nam said he was only a young orphan to see Long said that do not want men to see his family take advantage of men. However, the South still wants to tell Long a secret secret, then depending on him decide. "I am an orphan", Nam said

. Before that, in the faithful flavor part 2 episode 22 (Episode 93), pressed against her gradually (NSND Nhu Quynh), Mr. Khang (Mai Nguyen), Long-face I sat on the discovery story of Long, Ms. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) Let go of the difficulty to hear with Mrs
Gradually. Both is shocked by the difficult words of my daughter-in-law, Mr. Khang slapped Ms. Xuan made her gradually shocked. This shock made her gradually stroke a cerebral vascular, had to go to the emergency. Knowing Ms. Lang Mong Long - Nam came together, Mr. Khang urged Long to get married to the South with the hope of this wedding so that she gradually recovered. She entered the Institute to take care of her gradually, she gradually decreased enough to put his hand on his hand to the South, and his love for his grandchildren. Sorghang frankly with Mrs
XuanReview Flavors Part 2 episode 23 (Episode 94) and Revealing Mr. Khang to see Ba Xuan after noise happened. The Khang talks clearly with Mrs. Xuan after the past noisy "if I feel it, try to open my heart to be comfortable, happy draw. If I don't need anyone, this house doesn't need me, "said Khang frankly. In another situation, Nam and Diep (Bich Ngoc) hugged each other. Male decided to move back to Ms. Bich (Tu Oanh) and Diep.Diep originally did not dare to believe, asking and asking to see if it was real. "Yes," Nam answered. Perhaps after the conversation with Long, Nam took off the pokes with Mrs. Bich. Anyway Ms. Bich also has a male support for several decades.

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