Taste Part 2 Episode 29: Thy Guarantee The Police Station

Review Flavor Love Part 2 Episode 29 (Episode 100) Revealed that Mr. Khang knows Ms. Xuan just pretends to love male, Thy's couple has 'variable' ..

. 0: 00/1: 44 nuankong khang "ballast "Ms. XuanReview Flavor Taste Part 2 Episode 29 (Episode 100) Opening is the scene, Mr. Khang (Mai Nguyen) discovered Ba Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong), Loving Nam (Phuong Oanh) is just a show Wife
Dong Khang warned Ms. Xuan because of the attitude to the South "in front of every juicy girl with the male but after that she showed the attitude. If she didn't change the way of behaving with it, don't blame me," said Khang is fierce and leaving, Ms. Xuan still roundses because of shocking. About the male part, knowing the affection of her husband for me, the South only knows how to hug long (strong school) cries because of being happy. "I cried for Happiness. Dad not don't do interested in me, still interested in my friend, how could I be angry with you. I'm so happy! I have a grandmother, I am interested in, I have a real family. I have a real family Then, "Male is touched.Nam happily knows her father loves himself like a daughter Ong house was that male once said she admired her long because there was a family always loving each other
Long ever promised South Britain will compensate all, will give her family to guarantee in the Public Station of the part 2 episode 29 (Episode 100) also revealed Thy (Thu Quynh) With Huy (Anh Vu): "Midnight he rushed out of the house so his wife had to go to the police to guarantee only because he fought to protect his girl. What do you want to say to me anymore ".thy is crazy when Huy is in trouble because of protecting the staff of the staff who is explained, Thy taken away:" It's not her turn to say ". "You don't have to explain that, leaving the pitiful face," Thy said as he pointed to the Positive Book. Before that, Duong was also a girl who didn't fit, she actively attempted to approach Huy. Birch

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