Taste Part 2 Episode 35: Thy Reveals Nature, He Was Born To Find A Battle?

In Review Flavor Love Part 2 Episode 35 (Episode 105), Thy reveals the badness in front of her husband and love, Long - South made the viewer blush ... 0: 00/2: 19thy face and love old love fence part 2 episode 35 (Episode 105) revealed the scene of two spouses long (strong school) - Nam (Phuong Oanh) love when she looked after her gradually (NSND Nhu Quynh) .Long and South Still keeping the fire happiness after marriage, she went to her bedrooms, and dried south to the room to massage

. Let fast, Long demand male deck to the room. Just climbing the back of her husband and asked "Caseless", her husband strongly, but not yet stood up, she fell into the ground. Both startled because she gradually feared, Long turned to a severe male with her love And say "Now of heavy"
In other developments of Review Flavors Part 2 Episode 35 (Episode 105), Thy (Thu Quynh) met Phi (To Dung) at the company to discuss cooperation. Thy sharing: "British company employees now make their father-in-law's daughter-in-law, so he prioritizes to cooperate with his side is easy to understand," said the jealousy because men are increasingly loved by everyone Loving, Naturally, Africa is always a male with no impact, which is basically a company that works well, so it is signed. At that time Huy (Anh Vu) came to the company to find the exam and witnessed his wife's puzzle attitude. "Anyway, when working with acquaintances, my father and Mr. Long will feel more comfortable." Thy said. "Looks like I didn't seem very comfortable," said afford to find a clue about the battle "dog" Review Flavor Taste Part 2 Episode 35 (Episode 105) also has a scene of Mr. Sinh (Vo Hoai Nam) Back to the forest to find a dog battle (Anh Tuan). Both students found the shirt of the "dog" battle here, he discovered a lady washing the shirt of "dog". When asked, he was known that the lady picked up the shirt at the head of the source
Is the "dog" war still alive? Can you find a battle "dog" to minh oan for past mistakes? For the part of Mr. Khang (Mai Nguyen), after Ms. Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong), dancing for charity scandal, Mr. Khang received Out part of your error is. Because of not receiving the attention of her husband, Ms. Xuan deliberately examined the beauty exam to prove that he was still valuable and living in the world, being respected by her husband. Really, before Mrs. Khang Now expressing affection to his wife, did not dare to protect his wife in front of his mother. Ms. Xuan also has its life, also needs to be respected. "In this, he is a criminalist," he spent his bugs and comforted his wife.

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