Taste Part 2 Episode 38 (episode 109): Tan Used Male To Threaten, Force Him To “die ‘

The presence of his birth is always the worry of tons. In order to hide the truth, tons are not afraid to scare him birth, if you want your daughter to be peaceful, you should die in the love flavor part 2 episode 38 (Episode 109) 0:00 / 1: 14 male During his birthday party he was revealed many important progress of feminism. At this party, he saw a friend who knew in prisoners in prisoners. This person invited his alcoholic alcohol, appointment would have a mental meeting and invited him to work with work with me.00: 00/01: 46 tons of nam out threatened, wanting him to "die" your invitation His birth says that men are very worried

. She was afraid when he knew his birth would prevent her from being close to him. However, male did not know that Chinh Long knew the past of his birth, even her husband knew he was his wife's father. Therefore, Long mentioned with his wife inviting him to work on the company to work and supported by the South
Both sinh met his old friend in the birthday party suggesting that he was born on his company working in support Long invited him to work on another situation, he was born and tied continued to touch each other. When he was born, he asked, tons of unknown to scare him, "If you want your daughter to be peaceful, you should die." The existence of his birth is always the worry of tons, because he is still alive, the secret of tons still cannot be buried. Taste part 2 episode 38 (Episode 109) Broadcast VTV 1 day 20 -9.Home

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