Taste Receptions Episode 106 (part 2 Episode 35): Huy Caught Thy Intimate With His Old Lover, He Discovered The Clue Of ‘dog’ Battle

FRESSION OF TRANSFUL 106 (Part 2 Episode 35), Mr. Sinh detected and discovered the clues of 'dog' across the shirt, Huy Huy Hanh cha found his wife chatting close to Africa - Lover old man: 00/1: 19Thu Southern Vietnamese relations Episode 106 (Part 2 Episode 35), Huy stands from remote observation of wives. In the flavor of rebaus 106 (Part 2 episode 35), Thy met Africa at the company to discuss Cooperation. Thy shared: "British company employees now make their father-in-law's daughter-in-law, so he prioritizes to cooperate with his side is easy to understand," said wrongly, smiling: "Male has no impact WHAT IS OK, I'm just a good party, I don't have a cooperation. "Thy tried to Thanh Minh: "I also misunderstood anything that you hurry

. Anyway, when working with acquaintances, My father and Mr. Long also felt more peace of mind. " At that time, Huy happened to see his wife and Africa side by side, so there was an uncomfortable expression
Other movements, he was born on the way to find the "dog" to find a clue through a grandmother's shirt Old laundry. He asked, the old woman said to pick up this shirt on the top of the source. The pair of Long - South, after the waves of the family, 2 people continued to have affectionate gestures for each other. Even long, longered in men from her room gradually returning to his room. Feeling the taste of rebaus 106 (Part 2 episode 35) will broadcast at 21:00 on September 15 on VTV1.Phi Khanh channel

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