Taste Request 109 (part 2 Episode 38): Male ‘catching The’ Diep’s Will, Will You Leave To Protect Your Daughter?

Taste Request Episode 109 (Part 2 Episode 38), Mr. Lai was threatened, Long wanted to help his father his wife a new job, male 'caught' sister ... 0: 00/1: 39 NamThuong domain Receptions of Episode 109 (Part 2 Episode 38), Long shared with men who want to find him a job

. Taste Title Episode 109 (Part 2 episode 38) While going to dinner at a restaurant, Diep hu People go out to meet Dũng. Seeing you have a strange expression, the South has followed. Dung Xa saw hiding
Then the sister asked, Diep awkwardly replied, "I saw that there was a bit of suffocation, so it was cool." Knowing that the sister is hiding, male says: "Yes, so I will come down here with a bit cool, my sisters are together". In other movements, he gave birth to a tons of tons to ask what he wanted to think about continuously Threat will not leave for men. Seeing his stiffness, tons spoke straight into the problem: "I think, if you want your daughter to be alone, you should die. Who ran again. Like me older, before all escaped him, until I returned to I still spread my arms to receive me. "Because husband teased, men reacted:" Did, do you go back to you? Yes, you follow me like a leech ". However, Long affirmed: "I don't like it, how can you follow it, right?" Also, Long also shared with men about making him a job. Hearing this, male supported: "Good, let me ask how to see what you mean." It's fun talking, Long changes face and says: "Well to die, remember to remember"
When Nam asked again, Long Lion said: "It's time to eat and" .The taste variable exercise 109 (Part 2 episode 38) will broadcast at 21:00 on September 20 on VTV1Phi Khanh channel

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