Tay Ninh Specialties: The Name Hears ‘shivers’ Is The Unique Dish Of Mount Ba Den Mountain

Mount Ms. Black Mountain - The dish sounds strange but if anyone has ever had the opportunity to enjoy this dish once, will definitely remember forever without forgetting. Mount Ms. Black - Unique dishes Tay Ninh lands. (Photo: Vietnamese Culture) Mountain Lizard Ba Den is a specialty dish because lizards of reptiles, so it is quite soft and fragrant with a delicious mountain forest

. Mount Ms. Den Mountain or also call Striped stripes or lizard lizards, with scientific names Cyrtodactylus Badenensis, is a reptile of Gekkonidae. This species was discovered in Ba Den Mountain, Tay Ninh Province and was described by the authors Nguyen Ngoc Sang, Nikolai L
Orlov and Ilya S. Darevsky. Darevsky. Especially, people here watch them as a drug Precious because their main food consists of sung nine, bananas and male medicine leaves so the meat is very firm, delicious and extremely nutritious. Lizard has a good effect on health with people or fatigue , anorexia or diners after a long journey, the mountain porridge cooked with green pepper and fresh onions with little parsley vegetables, when eating hot will help the body cool and dispel tired. Prepared to many unique dishes such as chopped chopped lizards with green pepper eat with rice paper and leaves; or crispy lizard with salads of lettuce vegetables, me. Especially, the dish is not a little lizard with a separate taste, this item women no longer see the shape of the main material. Be minced, so easier to eat. This dish serves with baked rice paper. Put a piece of beads on the baked rice paper pieces put into the mouth
.. mixed in the crispy taste of the rice paper, fragrant of meat, crispy of cat mushrooms is a bit of a bone of ... lizards. Lizard green bean porridge is very Bold, will warmly after taking some beers with fried mountain lizards, steamed mountain snails ... but sometimes this dish will be hesitant to be hesitant to have porridge suddenly Cai ... Lizard tail soft, dark color. Photo: Vietnamese cultureThe people here shared, Tay Ninh mountain lizard is usually in large quantities from April to August, in these months is hot and dry season So lizard often or sun exposure on the rock caps. Want to catch the mountain lizard Ms. Den must be very patient as the fishermen needs, first want to catch the lowns to have the bait, then hide The stones for hidden and use a dedicated fishing rod to jerze each one. So the cuisine from lizard meat becomes even more special. Currently, the state has banned the fishing to maintain the number of remaining individuals in Ba Den mountain but they are still hunted. Because it brings genuine forest mountains and is considered as specialty of Tay Ninh./.

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